X Ultra Prime vs X Ultra 2

Salomon’s hiking shoes are great for short trips on technical terrains. These comfy and surprisingly stable footwear pieces are ideal when you want to go hiking without hefty, heavy boots. In this article, we will help you choose between two latest models in the line, Salomon X Ultra Prime vs X Ultra 2. Which one is better?

We will discuss further about:
– The size and fit of each model
– The support and stability of each model
– Whether these shoes can protect your feet from the elements
– Which model that is lighter and more comfortable
– The performance of Salomon X Ultra Prime vs X Ultra 2
– Whether you should choose X Ultra Prime or X Ultra 2

Size and Fit
Salomon’s hiking shoes always fit true to their sizes. Most people don’t need to increase the shoe size by one or two numbers. You can order your normal shoe size, and the shoes will fit your feet perfectly without causing blisters.Nevertheless, although the fit characters are similar, there is a slight yet notable difference. See also: Timberland White Ledge vs Flume.

However, Salomon X Ultra Prime and Salomon X Ultra 2 are a bit narrow. People with an average foot width will find that these shoes fit snugly and comfortably. However, if you have wide feet, make sure that you order for a wide size; otherwise, the shoes will be too tight for your feet. If you are usually in-between sizes and you are ordering online, you should consider sizing up.

They don’t need any break-in period. They become comfortable right from the start. Salomon X Ultra Prime has an upper that is a bit stiff. It uses regular laces that are simple yet effective for keeping the ideal fit. Salomon X Ultra 2 has an upper that is somewhat snugger yet more flexible, and is fitted with the QuickLace lacing system which is easy to adjust but unfortunately gets loose rather easily.

Salomon X Ultra Prime vs X Ultra 2 have slightly different support profiles. They do have similar foot beds, and they are generally stable and supportive. But they have different midsole heights.

Salomon X Ultra Prime is great for climbing and for technical terrains. It has a slightly higher midsole height, which is 9 mm. The heel-to-toe drop is about 19 mm. This design enables you to deal with difficult paths easily with solid footing.

On the other hand, Salomon X Ultra 2 has a midsole height of 8 mm and a heel-to-toe drop of 18 mm. Nevertheless, it is also great for hiking. The feel is quite similar to that of Salomon X Ultra Prime. It allows you to have solid footing on technical terrains.

Both models have an advanced chassis design that is light and stable, designed to maximize motion control without adding excessive weight. Both models have injection-molded EVA midsoles for anatomical support and cushioning, plus Ortho Litesockliners with EVA heel cups for enhanced heel support and cushioning. Both models are great in this aspect.

Durability and Protection
Salomon X Ultra Prime is quite durable and protective, although it is not at the same level as Salomon X Ultra 2. Nevertheless, it is already good enough for hiking and terrains that aren’t too difficult. The upper is made from split suede leather, which is tough and sturdy. It shields the foot from impacts and sharp objects very well.

Furthermore, Salomon X Ultra Prime also has mud guards and rubber toe caps. These features are very useful on the trails. The padded, gusseted tongue helps to prevent trail debris from coming in. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have the Gore-Tex membrane. But even without GTX, it is already quite water-resistant. It also dries fairly quickly.

Salomon X Ultra 2 is said to be tougher and more durable. It also has mud guards and rubber toe caps. The upper material is made from water-resistant textile, and it has the Gore-Tex membrane. As the effect, it has very good water resistance. It can dry quickly without requiring you to take it off. It has a gusseted tongue that provides smooth transitions on the instep areas and keeps debris outside.

One of the biggest differences between Salomon X Ultra Prime vs X Ultra 2 is the weight. Of course, both models are hiking shoes, so they are lighter than hiking boots. But X Ultra Prime is even lighter than X Ultra 2.

Salomon X Ultra Prime has been designed to be a high-performance yet highly comfortable shoe. Its weight is barely 360 grams. With such lightweight shoe, you can easily move, run, and maneuver however you want. In addition, Salomon X Ultra Prime is highly breathable. The upper has breathable polyester mesh panels that allow great air circulation. The polyester lining materials help to wick away moisture so that your feet can remain comfortable throughout the trip.

On the other hand, Salomon X Ultra 2 looks and feels more technical. It is notably heavier, with a weight of 410 grams. Even so, it is still generally a lightweight hiking shoe, and it will allow you to run and maneuver with precision. However, this model is not very breathable. It does have a polyester lining to wick away sweat, but the air flow is rather low.

The outsoles of Salomon X Ultra Prime and Salomon X Ultra 2 are made from Contagrip. This rubber material provides exceptional grip and traction. They also have similar lugs, so the grip and traction will be quite similar.

These hiking shoes are great for a variety of trails and hiking terrains because they can give you solid, stable footing. Even when facing a long vertical rocky terrain, X Ultra Prime and X Ultra 2 are light and easy to maneuver. X Ultra Prime tends to feel nimbler and more supportive, whereas X Ultra 2 is more about being tough and protective.

X Ultra Prime vs X Ultra 2

- Textile and synthetic
- Imported
- Rubber sole
- Low-top hiker featuring breathable mesh with strategically places overlay reinforcements
- Advanced Chassis Technology stability for mountain propulsion terrain
- OrthoLite cushioned insole, salomon 2 year limited warranty
- Imported
- Rubber sole
- Advanced Chassis with molded EVA midsole delivers stability and cushioning on rugged terrain
- Sleek design and lightweight materials keep the weight down. Heel pull
- Full Gore-Tex bootie ensures breathable waterproof performance

In general, Salomon X Ultra Prime is more recommended. It still has good durability, protection, and water resistance while offering a lightweight and highly breathable construction. It also provides a snug fit with simple yet effective laces, great support, and stability.

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