Under Armour vs Nike

Staying active will improve our health and stamina so we can have more energy when doing our daily activities. Many of us go to jogs to stay healthy and if you also plan to run routinely, wearing a proper equipment is necessary including running shoes. Under Armour vs Nike are offering a wide range of running shoes and if you are also interested in these brands, go check our article below to see how they differ and pick the one suit you better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Jogging and Running
– About Under Armour and Nike
– What Under Armour and Nike Look Like
– How are the Outsole of Under Armour and Nike
– How are the Midsole of Under Armour and Nike
– How are the Upper of Under Armour and Nike
– Under Armour vs Nike

Running Shoes
Being healthy is very important because not only they will make our body feels better, we can also prevent sickness that related to our daily lifestyle. However, healthy is not something that we can get easily since being healthy will need an effort that makes many of us gave up even before able to establish them and they do need a very strong will because changing our habit is not as easy as it sounds. It is also beneficial for those who need to tone their muscle or losing weight.

The first step of getting healthier is limiting the amount of “bad” kind of foods we consume everyday and pick those with more nutrients needed by our body. To even improve our health, it is not complete without moving our body as well because we need to burn the excessive calories we consume to prevent excessive fat in our body. While exercising is not easy, moreover, for those who are not used to the regime, they are needed to achieve your dream body and health.

Many of us being a member in a gym and use their facilities to exercise but not all of us have the time and willingness to go out or spending more time outside aside from our job and since this will cost you some depend on each establishment, some people may have less budget to allocate. Actually, even without a gym member we can exercise since there are so many movements that does not require much tools so we can do them anywhere.

One of the best option to be healthier is by running or jogging routinely because this beneficial activities won’t require you to have a treadmill or expensive tools; what we need is only a proper clothes and of course a running shoes. Jogging and running is also packed with benefits such as strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, burn plenty or kilojoules and help building strong bones as well since it is a weight bearing exercise.

If you are already making up your mind to be healthier this year, don’t let obstacles blocking your way because we can strive for better as long as we don’t give up. When you want to jog or run, the first thing you will need is a running shoes because they are designed for the motion to reduce related injuries we are doing and going barefoot will need a lot of time to get used to.

About Under Armour
When it comes to the actual item, the things we need to consider will be much more complicated because not only there are so many options out there and choosing one is not easy. This is because we need to consider a lot of things and no matter how good they look, a shoes just like regular footwear, they need to be comfortable for your, moreover, if you are going to move a lot while wearing them. However, worry not because a good brand like Under Armour will most likely to have great items for you.

We are sure most of you are already familiar with the brand because they are among the most popular out there both for their regular footwear and those used for specific activities like running. They do have lots of collections but if you want to jog or run, their Micro G Assert 7 can be a great option. Just like the model name, this shoes has been around for quite some time since there has been the predecessor of the model.

Under Armour Design
Since it has a long name, from this forward we will mention it with the brand name only. This Under Armour shoes is very similar to its predecessor because there are only minor change that we are not sure able to improve the shoes. If you ever see the older model, this one is improved with wider color option while most of the parts are still similar. One thing that we noticed they have changed is the eyelets and tongue at the top which look less pronounced now.

Under Armour Outsole
One thing we have to consider when looking for a running shoes is the outsole because like what you do with tires, we need this part to provide the traction when running or jogging and in this part, Under Armour shoes is featured with a rubber outsole which strategically placed on the high impact zones so we can optimize the grip and traction but without adding up the weight. It also has Flex Grooves technology to enhance our feet natural movement, making it flexible and responsive.

Under Armour Midsole
Above this layer, there is the Micro G technology and this is said to have a full-length foam that turns cushioned landings into your very energetic takeoffs. In addition, as the second layer this shoes is featured with a full-length EVA sock liner which not only will give you cushioning but also comfort, protection and custom fit. Compared to the older version, this model is said to have an improved sockliner but according to users, they still feel exactly the same.

Under Armour Upper
The last important concern is the upper that will cover your feet during the activities and in this part, the shoes is using a supportive foam layer made with lightweight mesh material that will improve the breathability so our feet will stay comfortable when running since there will be air passing through the material and preventing them to sweat much.

About Nike
Since there are many options out there, it is good to also consider other items to make sure you are already purchasing the best and most suitable product for your taste. If you plan to do a short run rather than jogging or walking, another good shoes to check is the one from Nike and the one we pick today is their long popular Free RN shoes. This shoes catch attention of so many people due to how good they perform in real life.

Nike Design
From the outside, this Nike shoes is actually attractive with a minimalist design and if you try lifting them, you will realize how lightweight they are. The one we used as a sample picture is the Black/Volt version but the shoe is available in various color and most of them are neutral like dark blue or black so aside from running, we may use them as a casual shoe if you prefer. What seem to be improved from its previous models is their fit because now they are even better.

Nike Outsole
The first thing very unique in our opinion about Nike shoe especially their Free RN shoe is the thread or the outsole because it is looking nothing alike the regular tread pattern we used to see in common running shoes. It has nubs offset by slits and inverted “Y” shape that almost create a pattern like a honeycomb. When used, this sole is indeed feels light but they do lack in traction if you compared to many other similar shoes out there.

Nike Midsole
After this sole, there is a softer layer and Nike claimed that the overall sole will be able to mimic your natural foot’s movement through the innovative pattern and expand contracts with every landing and push-offs. When tested, the shoes does making you feel like running in your barefoot and thanks to how they design this shoes, wearing them seem like adding an extension of our foot.
Nike Upper

On the upper part, Nike now include spandex material into the design and this can be very concerning for many people because the material is known to be not very good to air your foot. However, when tested they still have a good breathability yet will also create a slight feeling of snugness or fitter feeling into your foot. The way they designed the laces also add more into the snugness since they increase the support when you fasten them. Overall, the shoes is very comfortable for either walk or running.

Now, let’s compare Under Armour with Nike. On the building side, in our opinion Under Armour shoe has more support into the sole part so they can provide more bounce when you land unlike Nike that designed to make you feel like running in your bare foot while both have great responsiveness. In terrain type, due to the outsole pattern, Nike shoe is supposed to be used on flat surface like road or smooth pavement since they have less traction while Under Armour still good with light gravel as well as any flat surface.

Under Armour vs Nike

- 100% Textile and Synthetic
- Synthetic sole
- Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
- 100% synthetic-and-mesh
- Breathability. Soft, lightweight material has a more open knit stitch on the top of the foot for more breathability, helping your feet stay cool. It's thinner and closer to your foot than previous versions. Yet, still provides a secure and substantial feel for wear all day, all year, almost anywhere.
- Natural Movement. The Nike Free sole provides the feel of a minimalist running shoe. It moves with you, mimicking the movement of your foot by expanding and contracting with every landing and push-off, for a natural feel.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since both of them provide a different feeling. If you like to runs fast, lightly and prefer the one that make you feel like running in your barefoot, Nike is the choice but if you also want to run on a rougher terrain, we recommend you to pick the Under Armour shoe for better traction.

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