Under armour vs Adidas

Jogging and running is one of the most affordable and easy to do exercise we can do to keep our weight in check and healthy. For those who loves to run or jog, we also need a suitable running shoes for our types of activities and Under Armour vs Adidas will have the option you are looking for. If you are also considering these brands, check our article below to see which the brand and model suit your activity or taste and preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Running
– What are Under Armour and Adidas
– What Under Armour and Adidas Look Like
– How are the Outsole of Armour and Adidas
– How are the Midsole of Armour and Adidas
– How are the Upper of Armour and Adidas
– Armour vs Adidas

Running Benefit
Everybody knows that slouching all day is not going to be helpful when it comes to your overall health more importantly if you are also consuming much unhealthy foods. This is because those foods in an excessive amount can cause many health problems such as obesity which currently one of the concern we have to consider especially here in the US. While making selection is not easy, it is worth doing for our future health since preventing is always better than dealing with the real illness.

Another important thing we have to do to stay healthy beside eating healthier, natural foods and balance nutrition intake is keep being active. In present day, most people who are living in urban area are very busy to make a proper meal, let alone exercising and unfortunately we are not the only one.

However, exercising is necessary to keep your body healthy since it can increase the blood that flows in your body carrying oxygen to lower the risk of heart diseases like high cholesterol level.

Moving a lot also burn energy from whatever we consume which if we are eating more than what we burned everyday may cause an excessive fat storing in our body which is the one cause of overweight and obesity. With a routine exercise regime, we can burn those energy so our body can spend them as opposed to keep them in your body and increasing your body weight which make your jeans not going to fit anymore.

While some people prefer to go to gym and train with professional trainer or use the abundant equipment to target parts of their body, in general we can exercise anywhere even at home with some simple movements like aerobic or yoga that we can do inside a room with minimal tools. If you are an easily bored person, try walking, jogging or even running outside near your neighborhood or block so we can watch the scenery while improving our health.

If possible, we can even drive somewhere with better scenery to relief some stress, get a fresher air and a new tracks for you to run in case you are living in a crowded environment. Running in a more challenging tracks will also increase the calories burn or energy needed so our exercise can be more effective and not boring at the same time. For those with children can even bring their toddlers to enjoy their surrounding while parents pushing the stroller.

Like many other things out there, before trying to commit to something, it is better to pick the one we are most comfortable with so we can keep doing them for a prolonged time. Another thing to prepare is the equipment because while the running or jogging sound simple, protecting our feet is still necessary and this mean a running shoes.

About Under Armour
If you are already making up your mind to be healthier this year, now is the time to look for the perfect shoes for your need and among those many option today, Under Armour is one of the good option to pick. The brand is popular among those who do sports and exercise since they built their products to match our demand and design with usefulness in mind. If you plan to run or jog, the model suit your activity the most will be their Micro G Assert 6.

This models (6th) is actually has a new version already and is the upgraded model of its predecessor. The one we are using as an example here is the women shoes but it is also available in the men version and if you want to know more about the other option, go check our previous article on: Under Armour vs Nike here.

Under Armour Design
When first time laying an eyes on Under Armour shoe, the first thing comes to mind is stylish because it looks attractive with a simple and enough padding. It has a standard design with no special or distinct feature from the outside and judging from the shape, this shoes seems good for anyone who are planning on running in a long distance. It is also good for indoor exercise with several color options in which some are gender specific; in short the overall look is fairly nice.

Under Armour Outsole
On the outsole, this Under Armour shoe is using a rubber material placed on a strategic parts to give the shoe a dependable traction when running after the rain or in wet condition. These rubbers are placed on the high impact zones only so they are still working great without adding unnecessary weight into the shoes. In addition, there is a Flex Grooves technology to enhance the shoe’s natural movement matching your feet and in the end will make it more flexible, comfortable and responsive.

Under Armour Midsole
Above this part or the midsole, this is where the Micro G technology is placed and it has a full-length foam that turns cushioned landings into your energetic takeoffs. Above this layer, there is the sockliner in which will add more cushioning since it uses a full-length EVA liner which is not going to only cushion but also comfort, protect and provide a custom fit. In general, this inner is suitable for those who prefer to have a well-cushioned feeling for their shoes.

Under Armour Upper
The upper part is made with two layers; the interior and exterior. The interior is made from a supportive foam to add more cushioning for your feet, wrapping them nicely when fasten while the outer part is made with lightweight mesh material to optimize the breathability so we can stay comfortable when running since they will move along with our foot movement. Additionally, the mesh also looks cool.

About Adidas
Since there are so many items in the market, we are indeed need to search for an option beside our initial choice to make sure we are already picking the one that fit our need or preference the most. For women, beside the Micro G from Under Armour, Adidas also have the suitable option for you who want to run comfortably and in this article, we are mentioning the popular Adidas Cloudfoam shoes especially the Pure variant which is loved by many of its users.

Adidas Design
The shoes are actually looking attractive for both of men and women version and as you can see from the sample picture above, it is shaped to follow your feet to make sure they are not only fit but able to hug yours properly. The overall design is also attractive to let you walk around the neighborhood doing some light errand while moving your body and can be paired with many stylish clothes you have that match the kind of activities.

Adidas Outsole
Just like what you may already know, this model, just like the name is featured with Cloudfoam which is Adidas technology created to provide a cloud-like cushioning into their footwear and actually, they are not only available in shoes but also in other items. The one we get in this specific model is very light weight and probably among the lightest from the brand and the part where it touch the ground is featured with block traction and a small dot bumps to promote its traction especially when the surface is wet.

Adidas Midsole
Above the layer, here we can find the midsole and this part is also claimed to be Cloudfoam. What we notice here is the softness since they are indeed quite bouncy when puted on but is not very fluffy to make you feels like walking on real clouds. The sockliner is very similar to regular sockliner we can find on many cheaper shoes but when you take them out, there is a little bit additional cushioning here since the layer is slightly thicker.

Adidas Upper
On the upper part, as you can see, this Adidas shoes is made with a mesh material which is also very common for many running shoes since they can allow air going pass through the material. In addition, this material is also stretchy and when tested, they are indeed able to cover and provide a nice fit for the feet moreover when combined with the cushioning from those layers below.

Now, let’s compare Under Armour with Adidas. Both of them have a similarity on the cushioning part since they are made to be comfortable especially for those who want to run in a longer distance to make sure there is less fatigue on our feet but when comparing the two, the Under Armour shoes feels a little bit comfortable to Adidas and this can be very subjective to users. Additionally, we feel like the outsole in Under Armour is better with some rubber traction so we can use them for a rougher terrain as well.

Under armour vs Adidas

- 100% Leather, Textile, Synthetic, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Rubber
- Imported
- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately 2.4" from arch
- Upper uses light, supportive foam underneath a soft layer of breathable mesh
- Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
- Repeated adidas wordmark on webbing heel pull
- Comfortable textile lining
- cloudfoam MEMORY sockliner moulds to the foot for superior step-in comfort

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since our preference in shoes may differs widely. However, if you are planning to tackle a bit rougher terrain and need something that can bounce better as well as comfortable, we will recommend you to pick Under Armour especially their Micro G Assert 6 shoes.

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