Trailroc 245 Review: Extremely Durable and Protective Outsole

Inov8 has begun designing and manufacturing shoes since as early as 2003. Even though the company is pretty new, they have dished out some of the greatest running shoes ever. In this Trailroc 245 review, we will see if Trailroc 245 is also one of those great running shoes. Trailroc 245 comes with a rather unconventional design. The shoe is quite long yet narrow. The outsole is equipped with a strong protective plate. Continue reading below to determine whether Trailroc 245 is right for you!

Ground Feel
Perhaps the first thing that you may notice about the shoe is the stiff ground feel. It is not as flexible as other minimalist running shoes. This is most probably because of the rigid protective plate in the outer sole. Fortunately, the shoe is capable of loosening up so that the ride can be more flexible and comfortable. But, still, the meta-shank rock plate, which protects the foot from sharp rocks, is preventing the shoe from providing the typical ground feel that people expect from a minimalist running shoe. This shoe is more like a hybrid between minimalist footwear and rugged protection.

Grip and Traction
Nevertheless, thanks to the aggressive outsole design, Trailroc 245 is able to offer better grip and traction than any other minimalist running shoe. The unrivaled performance makes this shoe suitable not only for on-road runs but also trail runs and even technical excursions. So, what is the secret behind the extraordinary grip and traction? Apparently, the secret is the patented Tri-C compound, which combines three different types of rubber in key areas throughout the outer sole. The high-wear areas have a denser, more durable rubber, whilst the less impacted spots are given a softer rubber and less aggressive lugs. The superior grip and traction make this shoe a great choice for difficult rough/rocky trails.

Weight and Comfort
Perhaps one of the weaknesses of Trailroc 245 is the weight. Well, to be fair, it is not excessively heavy. The weight is only 8.6 ounces. But such weight falls in the same category as your typical trail running shoes. There are some other models on the market that are more lightweight. Then again, the extra weight is not very noticeable, so this is not a big problem.

Besides the reduced flexibility, Trailroc 245 is not very comfortable for some people because of the narrow design. Well, the upper construction is actually great. It is soft and breathable. It also dries fairly quickly. There is a wide room in the forefoot area to allow your toes to breath. However, it would be great if the upper is slightly wider. People with wide feet will need to find an alternative because the narrow upper will be too tight for them.

- Synthetic/Thermoplastic Polyurethane/Mesh - Imported - Rubber sole - 6mm heel-to-toe drop - Natural Fit anatomical design - Shoc-Zone midsole - Increases bounceback

As the conclusion for this Trailroc 245 review, this shoe is a great choice for people who need a pair of running shoes with enhanced outsole protection. The sturdy rock plate effectively protects the foot from sharp rocks and objects. It is great for trail runs, even the heavier technical ones. Unfortunately, this shoe is not suitable for people with wide feet.

Specifications of Trailroc 245
Upper: Synthetic, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Mesh
Natural Fit anatomical design
Heel-to-toe drop: 6 mm
Shoc-Zone midsole
Rubber sole
Trailroc high-traction outsole
Weight: 245grams

Pros of Trailroc 245
– Extremely durable rock plate
– Excellent grip and traction for any terrain
– Soft, breathable upper
– Snug fit

Cons of Trailroc 245
Not suitable for wide feet

Price of Trailroc 245
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