Superfeet Yellow vs Carbon

Confused in choosing between Superfeet Yellow vs Carbon? No worries. We’ll discuss the comparisons between Superfeet Yellow and Superfeet Carbon below. Of course, these two insoles are both classified as low-profile, low-volume insoles. They are suitable for tight-fitting shoes that don’t have much room, most notably sports shoes and wheeled shoes. Still, there are several significant distinctive differences that make them more useful for different users.

Shape and Thickness
Although both the Yellow and the Carbon are classified as low-profile, low-volume insoles, they have very different designs. The Yellow insole has more pronounced curves on the midfoot area, creating higher supportive sides. Such shape is quite useful for people who need additional support on the sides to reduce overpronation. This model is also a little thicker.

On the other hand, Superfeet Carbon boasts as one of the thinnest models available. It features a wider forefoot which makes it more comfortable in a wider range of footwear, and it has beveled edges which improve the fit. As you may have noticed, the shape is relatively flatter, so it is best for neutral runners without any significant pronation issue. Take a look at our previous post which discusses about Superfeet Black vs Carbon here!

For sure, both of these two models are equipped with the odor-control coating to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria – one of the biggest enemies of shoes and insoles. Superfeet Yellow is made of high-density foam, featuring a heel cup to absorb impact and a stabilizer cap to enhance the stability. It has vent holes that line up with most hockey skates’s perforations to improve the breathability.

The Carbon model is an upgraded version with advanced features. It is made of ultralight high-density foam for lightweight and long-lasting comfort that will not reduce your performance. It features a carbon fiber stabilizer cap at the base to support the stability and structural integrity, reinforced with the company’s EVOLyte proprietary blend of carbon fiber and polymer for the best performance and durability. In addition, it has foam perforations under the forefoot and midfoot to improve the breathability while at the same time reducing the total weight.

Superfeet Yellow vs Carbon are definitely geared for different focuses. The Yellow gives the most comfort, thanks to the heel cup which naturally absorbs and reduces impacts. It also provides more support. However, it is not the most lightweight and durable option.

Superfeet Carbon should be your choice if performance, reliability, and durability are your top priorities. It provides superior stability, and its lightweight nature will allow you to run and pace up confidently. The carbon fiber reinforcement ensures enhanced durability, making it a very good choice for heavy-duty sports uses.

- Synthetic lining
- Low-arched insole for footwear styles with an elevated heel
- Fits hockey skates, cycling shoes or track spikes
- Synthetic material
- Made in the USA; Versatile shape that offers high performance support
- Lightweight, durable closed-cell foam delivers long lasting comfort for tight-fitting athletic footwear

In general, Superfeet Carbon is more recommended because it is lightweight and durable. It has superior stability and structural integrity. It is great for sports uses. However, Superfeet Yellow can be your choice if you need enhanced impact absorption and comfort.

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