Superfeet Yellow vs Black

You are now looking for a pair of slim yet cushy and supportive insoles. There are two models from Superfeet that may be suitable for you; Superfeet Yellow and Superfeet Black. Both of these two models have low-profile, low-volume designs. Then again, they are not the same. Continue reading below to understand the difference between Superfeet Yellow vs Black!

Heel Design
First and foremost, the primary difference between Superfeet Yellow and Superfeet Black is the heel design. Well, both of the two models are said to have a biomechanical shape. This biomechanical shape is designed to contour the foot properly to provide support and cushioning without making pressure points. But you can notice that the Yellow insole is slightly thicker on the heel area than the Black insole.

Superfeet Yellow features a heel-to-toe profile with an elevated heel. Such design increases the contact between the foot and the midsole. The thicker elevated heel provides extra cushioning. As the effect, it can give higher levels of support and shock absorption on the spot. It is useful for runners who run with great heel strikes as well as for people with heel pain.

On the other hand, Superfeet Black has a flat profile. The heel area is more-or-less at the same height as the forefoot area. It is suitable for people who prefer a more neutral insole. If your shoes already have high heels, you may want to use the Black insoles to avoid adding too much height.

Note that these models are low-arched insoles. They are great if you have flat or just low arches. But they will not be very comfortable if you have high arches. For people with high arches, Superfeet Green is more suitable (see Superfeet Green vs Blue here!).

Ventilation System
The next difference between Superfeet Yellow vs Black is the ventilation system. The Black insole does not have any venting. This is not a big issue, because the breathability around the foot is more affected by the shoe than the insole.

Superfeet Yellow comes with vent holes. These vent holes are lined up with the perforations commonly found in hockey skates – if you need insoles for hockey skates, the Yellow model makes a good choice. The venting system ensures good breathability and air circulation around the foot.

Both models are equipped with heel cups and stabilizer caps. The heel cup maintains the position of the heel of the insole to absorb impacts. The stabilizer cap keeps the structural integrity and stability of the insole. They also have odor-control coating to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring that the insoles will stay fresh and healthy all the time.

- Low-arched insole for footwear styles with an elevated heel
- Fits hockey skates, cycling shoes or track spikes
- Synthetic lining, Manmade sole
- 2" high, 5" wide
- Low-arched insole for light support
- Fits most footwear, even tight-fitting styles
- For common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis
- With natural NXT anti-bacteria coating, latex-free & vegan

Superfeet Yellow is great if you prefer an insole with an elevated heel. The thicker heel support will provide more cushioning. In addition, the Yellow model is great for hockey skates, as the vent holes are lined up with the perforations to enhance the air circulation. However, if you prefer a flat, more neutral insole, Superfeet Black is the way to go.

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