Superfeet Orange vs Blue

Superfeet’s various colors are not just a fashion statement. Each model has actually been designed for specific qualities and characteristics to suit different needs and purposes. There are differences in their volumes and profiles, and some of them also give special features. Below, we will see the comparisons between Superfeet Orange vs Blue. Which one is the best insole for you?

Design and Profile
Although both Superfeet Orange and Superfeet Blue seem to be thick, they actually have different volumes and profiles. If you look more closely, you can see that Superfeet Orange is actually wider and thicker. This is because Superfeet Orange has been designed to have high volume and high profile. It is aimed for comfort and pain relief. On the other hand, Superfeet Blue actually has medium volume and profile, as this model is only meant for comfort and not for pain relief. For sports shoes, see Superfeet Orange vs Green.

Superfeet Orange features a nicely responsive full-length foam that properly supports and cushions the foot for consistent long-lasting comfort. It also has a biomechanical shape that has been designed to mimic the contour of the foot for precise and comfortable contouring. The top layer is also very responsive and able to attenuate impacts very well. It has a wide stabilizer cap to support the rear foot and provide stability and structural integrity. It has the widest and deepest heel cup among all Superfeet models for maximum support and natural shock absorption.

On the other hand, Superfeet Blue is constructed using high-density foam. Unlike the Orange model, it does not go full-length. So, it still provides decent support and cushioning, but not as much as the Orange model. It is also equipped with a stabilizer cap and a heel cup, but you can notice that the heel cup is narrower. For sure, Superfeet Blue also comes with the antimicrobial coating to prevent the growth of bacteria that may cause an unpleasant odor.

Suitable Shoes and Performance
Due to the thickness and volume, Superfeet Orange is most suitable for roomy shoes. If you use it in a tight shoe, it will feel way too tight and not comfortable at all. Using it in a roomy shoe will make the shoe fit better. Superfeet Orange is the best choice for pain relief, and it is also great for walking and hiking.

On the other hand, Superfeet Blues is more versatile that it is suitable for a wide range of shoes. It can fit in some tight shoes as well as roomy shoes. It is good for dress shoes, casual shoes, as well as cleated shoes. The cushioning and support are nice and comfortable. However, it doesn’t give as much cushioning and shock absorption as the Orange model.

- 3" high
- 4" wide
- High-arched insole for maximum support
- Fits roomy footwear with a narrower heel & removable insoles
- For common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis
- 2" high
- 5" wide
- Medium-arched insole for intermediate support
- Fits most footwear, even styles without much extra room
- For common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis

For pain relief and long walks or hiking, you should choose Superfeet Orange. Your feet will be grateful for the extra cushioning. However, the Orange model is not suitable for tight fitting shoes. If you just need enough cushioning for comfort, Superfeet Blue is sufficient. It is suitable for tight as well as roomy shoes.

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