Superfeet Green vs Blue

Superfeet Green and Superfeet Blue are both shoe insoles designed to enhance the user’s comfort. However, Superfeet products are sold in different colors not only for a fashion statement. The different colors actually indicate different features and characters. So, what is the difference between Superfeet Green vs Blue? Which one will be more comfortable for you? Superfeet Green actually has more volume, so it is ideal for loose and roomy shoes, whereas Superfeet Blue has less volume despite the apparently wider bed. See the details below.

Design and Construction
Superfeet Green is an insole designed for comfort and maximum thickness. If you put the Green and the Blue side by side, you can notice the difference in thickness. It is made from high-density closed-cell foam which consistently cushions and supports the foot even after walking continuously for a few hours. The biomechanical shape is optimized for enhanced arch support, and the manufacturer says that this model is suitable for people suffering foot pain, arch pain, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis.

Superfeet Green is equipped with the deepest and widest heel cup for the highest levels of support and shock absorption. The stabilizer cap under the insole maintains the structure and stability while also supporting the rear side of the foot.

On the other hand, Superfeet Blue is a comfort insole with medium thickness. Just like its sibling, Superfeet Blue is also made from high-density closed-cell foam for consistent cushioning and support. However, the heel cup is noticeably smaller and narrower. It also features a stabilizer cap to maintain the structure and stability and also to support the rear foot area.

Both models are equipped with the anti-microbial coating to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. So, these insoles will not cause you any odor problem.

Suitable Shoes
Believe it or not, the thickness of the insole is a more significant factor than the volume and additional features in deciding the comfortability. This is because the thickness of the insole directly determines the available space inside the shoe. If you have a tight-fitting shoe, you may want to choose Superfeet Blue or even a slimmer model such as Superfeet Black (see the previous post Superfeet Black vs Green). It will make a snug fit without causing any discomfort.

On the other hand, Superfeet Green is more suitable for a roomy shoe. The thickness will make the shoe fit much more snugly. It is not suitable for tight shoes because it will make the fit too tight.

Both Superfeet Green vs Blue are comfort insoles. So, do they perform similarly? Interestingly, the extra thickness of Superfeet Green allows noticeably greater levels of cushioning and shock absorption. For pain issues and long walks, it is quite more comfortable. But Superfeet Blue is also comfortable enough for various purposes.

- DEEP HEEL CUP - Superfeets widest and deepest heel cup that offers maximum support and positions the soft tissue to help with natural shock absorption
- ODOR-CONTROL COATING - All natural coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria Closed-cell foam supports and cushions the foot for long lasting comfort
- STABILIZER CAP - The base of the insole that supports the rear foot and provides structure and stability to the foam layer
- For common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis
- Alleviates common foot pain and pain from plantar fasciitis
- Structured heel cup positions the soft tissue to help with natural shock absorption
- Advanced MOISTUREWICK with Odor Control to keep your running shoes fresh
- Fits most footwear, even styles without much extra room

For pain relief, Superfeet Green is more recommended. The extra thickness enables better cushioning and shock absorption. The arch support is also very good. However, note that this insole is more suitable for roomy shoes. On the other hand, Superfeet Blue can be your choice for the tighter shoes; it is less thick.

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