Superfeet Carbon Review: Thin Comfort with Beveled Edge

In this Superfeet Carbon review, we will take a deeper look at one of the best insoles from Superfeet. This model is a great choice if you are looking for a pair of thin, slim insoles that can provide cushioning without making your shoes too tight or uncomfortable. The beveled edge creates a snugger fit around the foot, and it ensures that you also get some cushioning and support on the sides. This is a great insole for many purposes, both casual and professional ones.

Design and Dimensions
Just like many other Superfeet insoles, Superfeet Carbon comes with a biomechanical shape that has been designed to provide the best ergonomics for the foot. However, unlike the regular models, Superfeet Carbon comes with a beveled edge, which conforms to the shape of the foot more snugly. This feature creates a nice effect in a tight-fitting shoe. It is soft and cushy, and it provides additional support on the sides.

The slim, low-volume profile makes this insole usable in the typically tight shoes, such as running shoes and sports shoes. However, if you are looking for insoles that can make roomy shoes fit more snugly, you may want to find a model with a higher volume, such as Superfeet Green (take a look at Superfeet Carbon vs Green here!). The insole is made of lightweight high-density foam – the low mass ensures that it will not reduce your speed or performance.

The performance of Superfeet Carbon is great. The cushioning is very effective for reducing impacts and shocks. If you often experience heel or joint pain, this insole can be a life-saver. Although it is cushy, it is able to hold the structure properly, thanks to the carbon fiber stabilizer cap and help cup.

You may also be surprised that the insole can keep the foot breathing. It features some perforations in the midfoot and forefoot. These perforations allow good air circulation and breathability so that the foot will not get too hot and sweaty. In addition, Superfeet Carbon features an odor-control coating that will prevent the growth of any odor-causing bacteria.

However, despite the beveled edge, note that Superfeet Carbon does not provide much arch support. If your feet have high arches, Superfeet Carbon is not really the best choice. On the good side, it is still quite usable if the shoes do provide arch support.

- Warp Knit Polyester - Synthetic sole - Synthetic material - Made in the USA; Versatile shape that offers high performance support - Lightweight, durable closed-cell foam delivers long lasting comfort for tight-fitting athletic footwear

Superfeet Carbon is a great low-profile insole. The slim design makes it suitable with a wide range of shoes. It is cushy and supportive, and it can eliminate most pain problems. The beveled edge is a nice touch which provides extra side cushioning. However, it does not have much arch support by itself.

Superfeet Carbon: Specifications
• Category: Comfort
• Thickness Level: Thin
• Insole Volume: Low Volume
• Material(s): Closed-cell polyethylene foam/carbon fiber heel cap
• Gender: Unisex
• Low-profile design
• Biomechanical shape
• Beveled edge
• Wider forefoot
• Ultra-light high-density foam
• Foam perforations
• Carbon fiber stabilizer cap
• Odor-control coating

Superfeet Carbon Review: Pros and cons
– Thin profile suitable for tight shoes
– Great cushioning and support, very comfortable
– Stable, lightweight structure
– Stay fresh all the time, thanks to the special coating

– Doesn’t provide much arch support

Superfeet Carbon: Price
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