Superfeet Blue vs Black

There are many different specifications and types of shoes that we can get. The minimalist shoe itself is quite popular with the customers as you can walk casually with it while also doing some running exercise. The insoles itself is best when combined with this kind of shoes. The Superfeet Blue and Superfeet Black are the best examples of how good insoles when paired with the ultra-minimalist shoes. The Superfeet Blue works in a super-supportive way; it works the best when paired with the neutral footwear. When you remove the insoles after using it, you will hardly notice the worn sign, and there is no smell at all. On the other side, the Superfeet Black Insoles is similar to the Superfeet Blue. It is also one of the best insoles for the minimalist shoe especially the flat feet and low arches or people who need less support. The Black Insoles is very simple yet astonishing when used. So let’s see if the item worth the price or not.

Superfeet Blue has the deep heel cup which cradles the foot. It helps improve the natural shock absorption of the shoe. There is also the encapsulating stabilizer system which provides the firm underfoot support and high-density foam which provides both the support and comfort. The high-density foam then completed with the specification of Superfeet Blue which is fit more for the tighter-fitting footwear. On the other side, Superfeet Black is the synthetic insoles which are invented for the low-arched and the light support. It fits most of the footwear, and it is also tight fitting styles. The usage of this insole is also varying; it is usually used for the purpose of getting away from the foot pain, arch pain, or the heel pain. The insoles are made in the best way for the flat feet, and it has the Natural NXT anti-bacterial coating as the hygiene factor.

The Superfeet Blue and Superfeet Black are not that far away from each other. Superfeet Blue offers excellent arch support, good durability, and it is also long lasting. It works best with either the minimalist or the neutral shoes. The deep heel cup will give you more stability on the trail. The downside of Superfeet Blue is the foam which provides very little cushioning and the sizing which sometimes won’t be available in the store. On the other hand, Superfeet Black is the daily insoles which are best used either for the dress shoe or the minimalist shoe. The Superfeet Black gives a good show about how good insoles prevent the foot pain and plantar fasciitis. The problem with Superfeet Black is more or less the same as Superfeet Blue whereas the insoles provide little cushion and not suitable for the sensitive feet.

- Synthetic
- Medium-arched insole for intermediate support
- Fits most footwear, even styles without much extra room
- For common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis
- 8.5 centimeters wide
- Low-arched insole for light support
- Fits most footwear, even tight-fitting styles
- For common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis

Both items are on par in term of its performance. So it is better for you to choose it based on the purpose and function. The Superfeet Black is the right choice for you who usually get foot pain and plantar fasciitis problem. And the Superfeet Blue is better for you who wanted a supportive structure for your daily neutral shoe.

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