Superfeet Black vs Carbon

Whenever you purchase a new pair of shoes, you usually find that they come with sock liners to enhance the comfort. However, you may need to buy third-party insoles if your shoes don’t actually come with insoles or if the original insoles have worn off. Superfeet’s insoles are among the most popular choices on the market. Superfeet provides various models with different characteristics to suit different types of users. Today, we have Superfeet Black vs Carbon, two insole models that both fall in the category of thin comfort insoles. So, what’s the difference between the two?

Construction Features
Superfeet Black is actually an older model. Even so, keep in mind that being old does not always mean that the product has been outdated. In fact, Superfeet Black is still loved today because it simply feels simple and nice. The insole is constructed of high-density closed-cell foam that gently cushions the foot, providing long-lasting comfort. It has a stabilizer cap and a heel cup to improve structural stability and reduce impact. It also has an odor-control coating. (See another comparison : Superfeet Blue vs Black)

On the other hand, Superfeet Carbon is the company’s first redesign after 25 years, and it introduces improved construction features. It features an ultra-light high-density foam with foam perforations for improved breathability. It also features a carbon fiber stabilizer cap for lightweight stability, and there is an odor-control coating as well.

Size and Thickness
Superfeet Black is thin, and it has a low volume. It is great for tight fitting shoes, as it won’t eat much space inside. People love it because, despite being thin, it still gives a nice cushioning feel. It makes walking and running very comfortable.

If you need an even thinner insole, Superfeet Carbon is the way to go. It is Superfeet’s thinnest insole ever, so it is a great choice for very tight shoes and sports shoes. It is also very lightweight. If not for the cushioning effect, you may forget that you have these insoles in your shoes. The beveled edges improve the fit, and the wider forefoot allows a wider range of footwear.

Superfeet Carbon is thinner, so you can expect to feel the ground more, especially if your body is more on the heavy side. But the cushioning also feels more responsive to the curves of the foot.

Superfeet Black is ideal for both men and women with flat or sensitive feet. Although it is suitable for all arch types, it is best for low arches. It is a great choice for casual and office shoes, golf shoes, soccer shoes, and some athletic shoes.

On the other hand, Superfeet Carbon works well for everyday shoes as well, but it is most suitable for tighter fitting shoes such as running shoes and athletic shoes.

- Synthetic sole
- Low-arched insole for sensitive feet
- Fits roomy footwear styles with factory insoles you can remove
- For common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis
- A low-friction memory foam top cover for added comfort
- Synthetic material
- Made in the USA; Versatile shape that offers high performance support
- The thinnest super feet insole
- Relief for common foot pain in tight fitting footwear
- Evolyte carbon fiber & polymer blend for structure

If your shoes are tight but aren’t very tight, Superfeet Black will be more suitable. It is great if you don’t need to be as tight as comfortably possible. It is great for daily shoes. However, tighter shoes and sports shoes need to use Superfeet Carbon instead, which offers improved fitting, stability, and breathability.

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