Superfeet Berry vs Green

Do you have a problem with your shoe? If your shoe makes some problems with your foot, then it is better to use the insole instead of buying a new shoe. The insoles can help you to get the comfort that you want instead of buying a new thing. You won’t need to use your favorite shoe while in pain anymore with the insoles. There are two insoles here, one is Superfeet Berry, and the other is Superfeet Green. People probably think that both items are the same and that is wrong. Both products even though have the same approach and similar shape, still, have some difference, the difference is not only the color. There are some specifications where the user will get the different result from the insole.

Superfeet Berry has some standard features in its pocket. The Superfeet Berry is made with the synthetic material, the same with the Superfeet Green. It has the same height and wide which both of them have 4” high and 14” wide. The difference is located in the arch support. The Superfeet Berry has the medium arched women insole for the intermediate support. It also fits all types of women’s footwear with the removable ability. On the other hand, the Superfeet Green is the manmade sole. It is the high arched insole which is made for the maximum support. It fits most roomy footwear styles. It is also a removable insole.

The Superfeet Green offers us a great insole which works perfectly when used for hiking and running. It has a nice shock absorption capabilities. The high volume women’s insoles take up extra volume in the footwear; this makes them an ideal subject for the loose fitting shoes or the narrow feet. The insoles are also good for the long distance or the shorter distance. The high-intensity workout can also use this insole without any side effect. The downside of Berry is its support won’t be best for people who need maximum arch support. There is also some news about whether they can alleviate plantar fascia pain or not. On the other hand, the Superfeet Green is good when used for walking and running. It can endure longer than any other products. The shock absorption ability is also there, and the insoles can help us with the collapsing strain and plantar fasciitis. The downside of the Superfeet Green is located in the plastic body and arch which it may take some breaking in when first time using it.

- Synthetic lining
- Medium-arched women's insole for intermediate support
- Fits all types of women's footwear with insoles you can remove
- Synthetic
- High-arched insole for maximum support
- Fits most roomy footwear styles with factory insoles you can remove

Both items are more or less the same. However, the usage and users are different whereas the Superfeet Berry is the woman’s insoles and the Green is better used by the males.

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