Sorel Caribou vs Caribou 2

Looking for a pair of winter shoes? You can consider getting a pair of Sorel Caribou. Sorel Caribou is a winter shoe that has received lots of positive reviews and compliments from the users. They love how the Sorel Caribou shoes are able to keep their feet warm and happy in the cold, freezing day, and to allow them to walk outside without slipping. However, there are Sorel Caribou and Sorel Caribou 2. What is the difference between Sorel Caribou and Sorel Caribou 2? Does the number “2” mean that it is a newer, improved product? See below.

Both Sorel Caribou and Sorel Caribou 2 have leather uppers. But we can see that they have different color options. Sorel Caribou comes with darker color variants, such as burro (dark brown with a reddish tint), tobacco, nocturnal (dark blue), and surplus green. On the other hand, Sorel Caribou 2 has lighter color variants, such as the light brown buff, autumn bronze, prairie sand, cinnamon, and maple, though there are also dark colors like bruno and black. The laces also have different colors depending on the model.

Both Sorel Caribou and Sorel Caribou 2 have greatly similar designs; there are double and triple-stitched overlays that ensure the shoes’ ruggedness, durability, and longevity. The metal lace hops are held by sturdy stitched leather bits. The tongue of Sorel Caribou 2 is slightly longer than that of Sorel Caribou, but this is not a significant change.

Inner Boot
Both models are equipped with the removable 9 mm Thermo Plus wool inner boot. This is the key part that functions to keep the foot warm and not freezing when outside in a winter night. The wool inner boot is also soft and very comfortable. Both Sorel Caribou and Sorel Caribou 2 are rated to be suitable to -40 degrees, so they both are viable for the winter.

Both models also come with the rubberized Wellington toe to protect the front edge of your foot, as well as the Aerotrac rubber outsole. There is virtually no difference on the outsoles. Both models have tall circular dots and stripes that function to create grip and traction when walking on snow or ice.

- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately 9.5" from arch
- Heel measures approximately 1"
- Platform measures approximately 1/2
- Boot opening measures approximately 12" around
- Leather and rubber
- Rubber sole
- Waterproof
- Removable ThermoPlus inner boot
- Rated to -40 degrees F

The only differences between Sorel Caribou and Sorel Caribou 2 are the color and the slightly longer tongue, which is not a significant change. So, you can choose the color and style that suits your taste the most. Both shoes are warm, comfortable, and safe winter shoes.

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