Saucony Redeemer vs Stabil CS3

Saucony Redeemer and Saucony Stabil CS3 are running shoes that have been designed for motion control geared towards severe overpronators. Unlike the regular shoes, shoes for overpronators should have a specific design that creates more support to the feet and prevents the feet from rolling inwards way too far. However, Saucony Redeemer is usually available at a less expensive price point than Saucony Stabil CS3. So, what is actually the difference between those two models? You can find the comparisons between Redeemer and Stabil CS3 below. Continue reading!

We can see that the upper of Saucony Stabil CS3 looks very sturdy with all the stitched-on overlays on both sides. We can also see that the overlays on the medial side are broader than the ones on the lateral side. These overlays ensure that the shoe will stay in shape for a long time and that the shoe will give some support to the foot to prevent too much of inward rolling. However, even though Saucony Stabil CS3 has a support frame, it doesn’t completely wrap the heel. Instead, it cups the heel on two sides.

On the other hand, Saucony Redeemer makes use of broad ISOFIT overlays that wrap around the midfoot to give support there. There are no-sew overlays around the toe box, creating a solid structure in the area, and there is the highly sturdy support frame wrapping the heel to keep it firmly in place. Overall, both models provide lots of support. Saucony Redeemer offers just slightly more support than Saucony Stabil CS3.

Since these shoes are aimed for motion control, we can expect that they come with full cushioning. Both provide heel-to-toe cushioning throughout their midsoles, and each also has a crash pad under the heel for softer landings and smoother transitions. But the design on Saucony Redeemer has been improved slightly from Saucony Stabil CS3, with the crash pad joining the forefoot more seamlessly for better ground contact and a smoother ride. Expect a smoother and cushier performance from Saucony Redeemer compared to Saucony Stabil CS3.

Saucony Redeemer also has a significantly larger area of pronation control than Saucony Stabil CS3. Saucony Redeemer features vertical pillars put in the foam for more reinforcement as opposed to the simply firmer foam of Saucony Stabil CS3.

- Rubber sole
- Running shoe for severe overpronators featuring ISOFIT upper with sock-like fit
- PWRGRID+ midsole
- Synthetic sole
- Overpronator-friendly running shoe featuring Sauc-fit midfoot system, ComfortLite sockliner, and HydraMAX collar lining
- PowerGrid midsole cushioning

For the money, Saucony Stabil CS3 is indeed a very good option with decent performance. However, severe overpronators will benefit more from Saucony Redeemer, which has much more support and smoother cushioning.

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