Saucony Kinvara 5 Review: A Lightweight and Comfortable Neutral Running Shoe

There are many shoes offered in the market, but you can’t miss this one, Saucony Kinvara 5. This product is the Saucony’s product which has been popular with its high standardization and quality. Saucony Kinvara 5 is the fifth version of the Kinvara series which takes the same aim and purposes in the market as the original Kinvara shoe. It is mainly intended for the training session and running course. The shoe itself is a very lightweight neutral shoe, not too soft, but also not too rough. The Kinvara name has been developed during the minimalized post, and it has been welcomed in the market as the minimalist alternative product. The sentence, “Born to Run” brings all the hope of the runners to get a shoe which is not only good when used but also keep its originality to the best. Why the originality? Yes, it is mainly because the shoes nowadays always been made like a merchandise which emphasizes too much in its design and stylish factor. They forget about the running shoe primary purpose which is to give the users the best running experience or sharpen the users running ability. So there have been many runners which waiting for this kind of shoe for so long. Kirana 5 itself is not perfectly attached to the originality of the shoe, but at least it brings significant improvements in the shoe. So let’s see if Kirana 5 is the right version for you runners! Keep Reading!

Sole Unit
Kirana 5 is having a better essence in its sole unit as it brings the midsole cushioning. The midsole cushioning features the Saucony’s Eva+ foam which is paired with the Powergrid foam in the heel. This foam is the lightest foam that Saucony made; it gives the Kirana 5 to attain its featherweight lightness while still giving the right amount of cushioning effect. The foam is very benefiting from many points of views as it brings Kirana to the new level of lightweight shoe. The outsole of Kirana 5 is the durable carbon outsole which the carbon is placed on the lateral side of the foot and the forefoot. The reason to put it in these locations is that most of the neutral runner often get foot strike in these places.

Upper Unit
The upper unit of Kinvara 5 is getting the most attentions in the market. It is because the upper section is the part that Saucony update the most. After the update, you get a very lightweight upper which wield a seamless technology and a broad toe box. The feeling of the upper is very plushy and comfortable, especially on the tongue and heel collar. The Kinvara 5 seems to give a good attention to many details, and these changes make the shoe running ability increase to the point where not only it is lightweight, but it also very comfortable even though we use it for a long time.

The first thing about this shoe is about its weight aspect. It is astonishing to see a shoe which is a lightweight shoe, but it still wants to use the same approach like the standard weight shoe. You can clearly see that Kinvara 5 brings us an excellent cushioning which is made with the right proportion to its weight. This aspect alone brings Kinvara 5 as one of the most unusual running shoes. After that, you get the toe box addition which is larger and roomy compared to the previous Kinvara. This roomy fit will accommodate the runners better than before. Other than that, the shoe is incredibly lightweight, and it is also outstanding in circulation with its air circulation technology. The downside of this shoe is it’s midfoot which is sloppy in many ways. The durability is also very questionable as you can see how the weight problem makes this shoe suffer more than other shoe does.

- Synthetic sole - Pro-lock lacing system locks in midfoot fit - Padded tongue and collar - 4mm heel-to-toe drop

In overall, Saucony Kinvara has tried to deliver us a very great shoe which defends its originality while also improves the comfort. The shoe has proved to have these great benefits as it is not only lightweight but also has a great cushioning and fantastic performance. However, the problem comes with its durability whereas the shoe suffers more than what it should. So if you can afford to change a shoe in short period, then this shoe is very acceptable, but if you are unsure about its durability and has a small budget, then it is better to get other lightweight running shoes.

– Imported materials
– Synthetic sole
– Lightweight shoe with breathable mesh
– FlexFilm toe tip
– Padded tongue and collar
– Great Cushioning
– A very comfortable lightweight shoe
– Roomy fit will give your toe more space
– Good air circulation
– Bad durability
– Sloopy midfoot

Price of Saucony Kinvara 5
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