Saucony Guide 9 vs Ravenna 7

Both Saucony Guide 9 and Brooks Ravenna 7 are stability running shoes that provide a good degree of support and ground contact without going too excessively. So, these running shoes are suitable for people who overpronate mildly, as well as for those who simply prefer stable and supportive running shoes. So, should you pick the Saucony or the Brooks? Of course, Saucony and Brooks have always been competitors to each other; below, we will see the comparisons between these two models. Continue reading below before you make your choice.

Saucony Guide 9 has an upper that is reinforced by both stitched-on and no-sew overlays. The stitched-on overlays can be found on the medial side of the shoe, which is the area where overpronators need the most support in order to stop the foot from rolling too inward. There are also stitched-on overlays around the heel and at the front side of the shoe. So, overall, the upper of Saucony Guide 9 is highly supportive and fits snugly. On the other hand, Brooks Ravenna 7 mostly uses no-sew overlays. It has a band that stretches from the saddle to the midsole and then to the back of the shoe, giving some hold and support to the midfoot. Compared to Saucony Guide 9, Brooks Ravenna 7 is slightly more flexible and less restrictive.

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Both of these shoes provide full heel-to-toe cushioning through the midsoles. However, Saucony Guide 9 is softer and cushier than Brooks Ravenna 7. This does not mean that Brooks Ravenna 7 is firm; Saucony Guide 9 is actually super cushy, so it is more suitable for people who have particular conditions. Meanwhile, Brooks Ravenna 7 feels soft and cushy, but still with a degree of firmness for support and stability.

Since these shoes have been designed for overpronators, they each have a medial post in the midsole to prevent the foot from rolling too inward. The medial post of Saucony Guide 9 is more centered under the arch, whereas the medial post of Brooks Ravenna 7 is slightly longer and centered under the heel. Depending on how you roll your foot, either the Saucony or the Brooks will be more suitable.

Both Saucony Guide 9 and Brooks Ravenna 7 are very stable running shoes. Saucony Guide 9 provides slightly more ground contact than Brooks Ravenna 7 due to not having a midfoot shank, but the difference in performance is marginal. Both have rubber outsoles with decent separation and segmentation for shock absorption and flexibility.

- Shaft measures approximately 2.4" from arch
- EVERUN topsole
- Dual-density SSL EVA midsole
- Lace-up closure
- Plush tongue and collar
- Element linings are breathable and help wick away moisture

Both models have great stability and support. If you have joint pain, you will benefit the most from Saucony Guide 9’s super cushy midsole. Otherwise, you can choose Brooks Ravenna 7 for slightly more stability.

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