Salomon Lab Sense 3 Ultra Review: Stable and Agile

In this article, we will discuss about Salomon Lab Sense 3 Ultra review. This shoe is definitely a very good racing shoe. It boasts an attractive design, and it is stable and agile enough for runners trying to burst through a fast trail as well as for minimalist runners that can benefit from increased support and protection. The lacing system, despite having thin laces that can be somewhat uncomfortable for downhills, effectively secures the fit. The entire upper is nice, snug, and comfortable.

Fit and Lacing
Salomon Lab Sense 3 Ultra has brought various improvements since the previous version. One of the issues with the previous version is the somewhat loose fit on the rear foot area. Salomon Lab Sense 3 Ultra here offers a much better fit not only on the forefoot and midfoot, but also on the rear foot area. The geometry is now slimmer on the rear foot area, and the upper’s welded overlays are now designed to be able to pull in the full heel. As a result, the whole upper construction is now also more adaptive and responsive.

You can also find a seamless internal fit sleeve which is called SensiFit which keeps the upper construction snug against the midfoot. The QuickFit Lacing System is very handy because it allows you to tighten and adjust the shoe quickly, and it is durable and stable even on irregular terrains. No matter how swift your movements are, the lacing will not get loose.

Cushioning and Comfort
Salomon Lab Sense 3 Ultra is equipped with a denser EVA midsole which is more durable than the previous model, but it is still able to provide a smooth ride despite the increased density. The midfoot area has moderate flexibility which allows natural foot flexion and comfortable maneuvers. There is also Salomon’s impact-dispersing Profeel layer which extends to the back of the foot for extra protection on a technical terrain.

This Salomon Lab Sense 3 Ultra review shows that the shoe has very good breathability. It dries fairly quickly, and the ventilation has been improved to allow the foot to feel cool in hot conditions. Its interior lining is soft and cushy. Perhaps the potential drawback is the narrow toe box. If you’ve been used to wide toe boxes and you tend to fully splay your toes on landing, the narrow toe box may feel uncomfortable.

Speed and agility have always been the highlighted features of this footwear line, so it is not surprising that Salomon Lab Sense 3 Ultra is able to ear high scores in these aspects. It is lightweight and flexible enough to allow the user to run with full speed and agility. The triangular lugs and ContaGrip outsole offer excellent stability on various surfaces, including wet rocks and mud. The low stack heights also allow confident footing as well.

- Upper: Breathable Open Mesh - Seamless Sensifit - 2ND Skin Seamless Construction - Protective TPU Toe Cap - Propriotection

Salomon Lab Sense 3 Ultra is an excellent trail racing shoe. It offers exceptional stability, speed, and agility. It also features a stylish and attractive design. The low stack heights allow confident footing, but the relatively narrow toe box may be uncomfortable to runners who have been used to full toe splay on landing.

Specifications of Salomon Lab Sense 3 Ultra
Upper: Breathable Open Mesh
2ND Skin Seamless Construction
Seamless SensiFit
Protective TPU Toe Cap
ContaGrip outsole

Pros of Salomon Lab Sense 3 Ultra
– Lightweight and agile
– Soft and seamless interior lining
– Very good breathability
– Excellent stability and traction on various surfaces

Price of Salomon Lab Sense 3 Ultra
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