Rocky S2V vs Garmont T8

For military users, choosing a good pair of boots that are both comfortable and durable is very important. You will spend long hours in the boots, so you can’t compromise on the comfort factors. You also need serious levels of protection for your feet. This article will help you choose between two popular military boots, Rocky S2V vs Garmont T8.

By reading this article, you can learn more about:
– The features and benefits offered by each model,
– Which boot that is more lightweight and comfortable,
– Which boot that has better protection and durability, and
– Which boot that is more recommended for the best value.

About Rocky S2V
In general, Rocky S2V should be your choice if protection and durability are your top priorities. This is a heavy-duty boot designed to protect the foot from any difficult terrain. The interior is quite comfortable. It has enough padding to cushion the foot properly. See also: Nike SFB vs Rocky S2V.

There is nothing that can get any tougher than Rocky S2V, as it comes with all the protective features that you need. The synthetic Vibram sole is really thick and tough, able to protect against harsh rocks and sharp pieces. The construction is resistant against water, fire, flash, and wear. You can find the available sizes from Rocky here.

Rocky S2V has become a preferred choice of many soldiers that are deployed to places with difficult terrains, such as Afghanistan. The surface in this place is not always suitable for walking. With rocks everywhere, stepping on a wrong side may lead to a serious ankle injury. However, Rocky S2V can provide the necessary protection and stability to face such challenge.

The downside of Rocky S2V is that it is quite heavy. In the end, you will have to decide whether the added weight is worth the enhanced protection and durability. Soldiers who have gone to difficult terrains mostly agree that the weight isn’t a real issue for the benefits – but if you only go to smooth paved roads, you probably won’t benefit much from it.

About Garmont T8
If you’re always on the move and the terrain isn’t really extreme, you may prefer a pair of durable yet lightweight boots. Garmont T8 is a great choice for such need. Compared to Rocky S2V, Garmont T8 is somewhat less durable. However, it is lighter and hence potentially more comfortable. Garmont T8 is actually available in two versions, Bifida and NFS. The Bifida is relatively heavier with better protection, whereas the NFS is even more lightweight suitable for swift movements.

One nice feature of Garmont T8 is the thick sole. Most boots are 12-inch tall, but the Bifida has a total height of 15 inches. The heel is three inches thicker for enhanced ankle protection. This is very useful for rocky and steep terrains. The interior is comfortable and well-ventilated. However, note that it is not very durable. If you wear it regularly for challenging terrains, be prepared to replace it within 6 – 12 months.

Rocky S2V vs Garmont T8

- Leather and Synthetic
- Made in the USA
- Synthetic sole
- Shaft measures approximately 8.5" from arch
- Flash and wear resistant leather
- Suede
- Canvas
- Vibram sole
- Available in both MEDIUM (D) and WIDE (2E) widths
- AR 670-1 Compliant

For difficult terrains, we recommend you to choose Rocky S2V. This model has the best protection and durability. It has a thick, durable sole with all the proofing features that you need. It can withstand heavy-duty uses and last for a long time, while being comfortable enough for the foot.

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