Rocky S2V vs C4T

If you are now looking for a pair of durable weatherproof boots, Rocky has some of the best choices on the market. Two popular Rocky boots are Rocky S2V and Rocky C4T, and we are going to discuss about these two models below. Both Rocky S2V and Rocky C4T are glowing with positive reviews from the users. Many people are impressed by their durability and comfort. However, let’s see the comparisons between Rocky S2V vs C4T because they are meant for different needs and purposes.

Fit and Comfort
Rocky S2V fits very well on the foot. You may want to order the shoe a half size larger than your foot size in order to create some extra room so that your foot will be able to expand a little bit during an extended wearing session. The boots lace up pretty much like standard military-style boots, and the laces are very durable. There is no way for the bots to fall off.

Rocky S2V boots fit very snugly yet without causing any discomfort. The interior is soft and supportive. It is also warm and cozy, thanks to the sophisticated insulation. Your feet will not freeze off as long as you are wearing these boots.

On the other hand, Rocky C4T is very comfortable mainly because it is lighter. In fact, it is the lightest boot that the company currently produces, and it is very comfortable for a wide variety of activities from day walks to off-road runs. The design is simple and classic, and the fit is also very good.

Weather Resistance
Both Rocky S2V vs C4T boots here are very water resistant. You can run through pools of water and splashes, and there is literally no way for the water to penetrate the boots. However, there is still some further consideration about these two models.

Even though Rocky S2V is impervious to water, problems arise when the water get into the boot from the top. Once the water gets inside, there is no easy way to get rid of the moisture. So, try to avoid getting the boots submerged if possible.

On the other hand, Rocky C4T is able to dry out more quickly. So, getting the boots submerged or exposed to some rain won’t be as problematic.

Protection and Durability
In terms of protection and durability, Rocky S2V holds the better edge. It features a taller shaft which is 9” measured from the arch, so it can provide more protection to the higher part of the foot. The sole features thick lugs to protect against harsh surfaces and sharp objects.

On the other hand, Rocky C4T also provides good protection and durability, but the shaft is not as tall. The shaft measures 7” from the arch. The lugs on the sole are also not as thick. Hence, this boot is great for daily walks and work, but won’t be suitable for difficult terrains.

- Leather and Synthetic
- Imported
- Synthetic sole
- Shaft measures approximately 8.5" from arch
- Flash and wear resistant leather
- Leather/Fabric
- Import
- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately 7" from arch
- Heel measures approximately 1.5"

Both Rocky S2V and Rocky C4T are great shoes. In general, Rocky C4T is more recommended for daily walks and work. It is more lightweight, and it dries more quickly. However, for field duty, Rocky S2V is more recommended because of the better protection and durability.

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