Rocky C5C vs C4T

What is actually the difference between Rocky C5C vs C4T? Both are ultra-lightweight military boots, great when you can leave behind some durability for the sake of comfort. You can choose either of these two models when you are at a garrison and not going to the field. Nevertheless, there are several subtle differences between Rocky C5C and Rocky C4T that may affect your preference.

Fit and Comfort
If you put Rocky C5C and Rocky C4T boots side by side, you may notice that Rocky C5C has a thicker and straighter design. The heel of Rocky C5C measures approximately 1.75 inches. The shape from the heel to the front edge is flatter. As a result, the boot can provide a snugger and more precise fit to the foot. On the other hand, the heel of Rocky C4T measures about 1.5 inches. The upper somehow curves upwards as it travels to the front edge. Such shape is not suitable for all people.

Both boots use speed eyelets and NATO hooks that are very sturdy and durable. They allow you to adjust the laces quickly and precisely. Their 550 cord laces are rugged, and they can fit tightly. Both boots are also very lightweight and comfortable. You can wear them all day long without exhausting your feet. Of course, they are not as durable as Rocky S2V that we discussed in a previous post (see Rocky S2V vs C4T), but they are durable and comfortable enough for walking around the city.

Rocky C5C is equipped with the Air-Port Cushion Footbed, which is molded from a durable material that doesn’t break down. It promotes the air circulation even further.

Both Rocky C5C and Rocky C4T boots are perforated on the sides to enhance the air circulation and breathability. Their leather uppers are water resistant and can dry quickly. So, there is no need to worry about submerging these boots in puddles and exposing them to the rain.

Grip and Traction
Now, if you compare the outsoles of Rocky C5C vs C4T, you can see glaring differences. They have very different designs.

Rocky C5C can give you much better grip and traction, especially on slippery surfaces such as wet roads. The front end and rear end have multiple horizontal lines that create lots of biting edges. There are also multiple aggressive center lugs, whereas the squarish side lugs are to provide stability.

On the other hand, Rocky C4T comes with a less aggressive tread design. It has wide squarish lugs on the outer side and fewer lugs on the inner side. It is comfortable, as it allows a smooth stride, but it does not have many biting edges – it won’t give as much grip and traction.

- Leathe and Textile
- Imported
- Synthetic sole
- Shaft measures approximately 8" from arch
- Heel measures approximately 1.75"
- Platform measures approximately 1.00"
- 550 Cord Laces
- Leather/Fabric
- Import
- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately 7" from arch
- Heel measures approximately 1.5"
- Platform measures approximately 1"
- Durably water resistant/fast drying

Between these two models, we recommend you to choose Rocky C5C. It is generally better than Rocky C4T. It has a more comfortable and breathable design. The outsole is also better, as it comes with more biting edges to provide enhanced grip and traction on wet or slippery surfaces.

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