Rocky C4T vs Nike SFB

Rocky C4T and Nike SFB are among the most popular military boots on the market because of good reasons. These boots are much better than most over-the-counter models. These boots are actually solid, durable, and comfortable. However, Rocky C4T is better suited for field use, whereas Nike SFB is mainly for garrison and walking around the city. Which pair of boots should you get? Continue reading below for more details on Rocky C4T vs Nike SFB.

Upper Construction
If you try holding both of these boots, you can notice that Rocky C4T is much heavier. It weighs roughly 15 lbs. This model is much larger and heavier. The shaft measures about 7 inches from the arch, and the heel measures approximately 1.5”. With such large size, the boot can provide more covering and protection to the foot – see the discussion about Rocky C5C vs C4T here.

In addition, the upper feels solid, sturdy, and durable. The upper has very good structural integrity. It is made using leather for most of its parts and main construction. The other parts are made of durable nylon. The upper is water resistant, and the sophisticated design enables the boot to dry fairly quickly.

On the other hand, Nike SFB is much more compact and lighter. It has a leather upper that feels very nice. Compared to Rocky C4T, its upper is more flexible. It is very comfortable. Both the flexibility and light weight make it an ideal choice for comfort. It also resists water well, and is able to dry more quickly. However, this boot does not provide real structural integrity, and it is not as durable.

Fit and Support
Rocky C4T provides a much snugger and solid fit. It comes with a highly durable lacing system with high-quality no-friction eyelets that allow you to adjust the fit and lacing easily. The boot responds very well to the lacing to create a perfect fit. It is very supportive, too.

On the other hand, the main benefit of Nike SFB is that it is much more comfortable to wear. It fits well, but the flexible upper allows the foot to breathe more and maneuver more easily. Unfortunately, the benefits also mean that Nike SFB does not provide as much support as Rocky C4T.

Sole Traction
Rocky C4T vs Nike SFB have very different soles. Rocky C4T is equipped with a thick, durable rubber sole. The sole is very rugged and durable. It can provide great protection to your foot, so it is suitable for field use. Of course, the weakness is that the sole feels quite heavy. Nevertheless, the aggressive lug pattern enables the boot to provide good traction on various surfaces.

On the other hand, Nike SFB comes with a thinner sole. The tread pattern is not particularly thick, so it does not resist wear very well. The grip and traction are good on the road. This model is more suitable for garrison, because field duty may cost a lot to its durability.

- Leather/Fabric
- Import
- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately 7" from arch
- Heel measures approximately 1.5"
- Platform measures approximately 1"
- Leather-and-synthetic
- Model Number: 688974200
- Gender: mens
- Made In: Vietnam
- Brand New With Original Box

If you are looking for a pair of durable shoes that can help you in your field duty, you should choose Rocky C4T. It is much more durable, supportive, and protective. On the other hand, Nike SFB is only suitable for garrison, but this model is indeed more lightweight and very comfortable.

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