Nike Zoom JA Fly 2 vs Superfly R4

There are many things that you can choose in the market. This thing is what the shoe market offers to you. You can choose tons of different shoes. However, choosing the right shoe is not easy, many shoes are made with different design and approach, the size also differs one to the other. In this case, it is better for you to play it safe and to buy the well-known brand like Nike. You can choose the right specifications like the Nike Zoom JA Fly 2 which is a super light and powerful running shoe, or you can choose the Superfly R4 which is the lightweight and unisex running shoe. Either man or woman can use this shoe because of its characteristics. So learn more about both items below.

Nike Zoom JA Fly 2 is a synthetic shoe which is made with the combination of fabric and synthetic materials. It has become common that the shoe using the unnatural things especially the synthetic material. The single layer mesh on this shoe will provide you with the lightweight ventilation which is good for the foot air circulation. Your shoe will dry faster, and it will keep your foot dry. The asymmetrical tongue wraps the foot with the contoured fit. The seamless toe tip is the nice addition for the comfort, the Flywire cables itself is made for the high-speed control purpose. On the opposite, Superfly R4 is made from textile. It has the upper with all new exposed dynamic flywire technology which is the same like what Fly 2 has. The flywire technology is found by the Nike; it is made to ensure the secure and confident lockdown. The midsole is the thin phylon which keeps the shoe light and lows to the ground while giving the cushioning. The outsole is the aggressive Pebax plate with eight spike receptacles and adapter. The sizing itself is based on the men’s scale, but you women can also use it as it gives the women’s size too.

Both are not the best running shoes out there, but still, we cannot underestimate the new invention especially the one with Nike brand. Zoom JA Fly 2 is a decent one with the Flywire technology and good air circulator. You get a different lightweight shoe which has a nice design an authentic colorization. The materials are not that unusual, but it is still decent enough to make it as the mid to high standard shoe. On the other hand, Superfly R4 offers a very versatile shoe which can be used by both men and women. IT is an ideal shoe for the 100-200 sprint as the technical spike will provide dynamic lockdown. The plate then will give the impact cushioning which will prevent your foot with the shock absorption.

- JA Fly 2 is a synthetic shoe
- The single layer mesh on this shoe will provide you with the lightweight ventilation which is good for the foot air circulation
- Exposed dynamic Flywire technology provides midfoot clamp shell to pull securely around the foot for a secure and confident lock down.
- Thin Phylon™ midsole wedge keeps the shoe light and low to the ground while offering impact cushioning.

Superfly R4 is slightly better than Nike Zoom JA Fly 2, but both have quite a similarity as lightweight shoes which not only offer the power also control and stability. So Superfly R4 is the right choice for you as it is very versatile and it has many useful features.

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