Nike Tanjun vs Revolution 3

Tanjun and Revolution 3 are both popular running shoes from Nike that are glowing with positive reviews. Well, perhaps the Nike brand name has something to do with the popularity, but Nike’s shoes are generally accepted as high-quality items. But which one is the better running shoe? In the following article, we will try to compare the qualities of Nike Tanjun vs Revolution 3 to help you decide. So, continue reading!

Upper Design
Actually, the word “Tanjun” is derived from a Japanese word for “simplicity” Nike Tanjun obviously lives up to the theme. It features a streamlined modern design without any unnecessary overlay or graphics – see the comparisons between Nike Tanjun vs Kaishi here. The upper is made from a breathable textile material. It is very lightweight and comfortable. It allows your feet to move effortlessly. It also enables good air circulation so that your feet will not get too hot while running in the shoes. Nike Tanjun is available in various color choices; the upper has a pronounced mesh-like pattern and a large Nike logo on the outer side.

Nike Revolution 3 is coming with a different design. The majority of the upper is made from a thicker, more durable polyester fabric. This thick fabric spans from the front to the top of the foot. Meanwhile, the rear foot area is constructed from a more porous fabric. There are underlays in the vamp and toe tip for increased support and structural integrity. It is also highly breathable, allowing the foot to stay cool and fresh after an extended period of running.

The tongue of Nike Revolution 3 is also better. It is soft and slightly longer. It feels nice on the top of the foot by enhancing the fit and protection.

Midsole Construction
Nike Tanjunvs Revolution 3 also use different midsole layers. Again, Nike Tanjun is much simpler. It is equipped with a foam midsole for lightweight cushioning. It can give pretty good cushioning and shock absorption, but there is nothing extraordinary.

On the other hand, Nike Revolution 3 is equipped with the Phylon foam midsole, which is also very lightweight but more supportive and responsive. The cushioning definitely feels better and more comfortable. In addition, Nike Revolution 3 has flex grooves to support the natural motions of the foot.

Outer Sole
Nike Tanjun has a rubber sole, which provides decent grip and traction. The front area has dotted rectangular lugs, while the rear area has horizontal lines that are arranged in a U-like shape. Nike Revolution 3 also has a rubber sole, but it has a more aggressive tread pattern for better grip and traction on slippery surfaces. It has hollow rectangular lugs that create lots of biting edges.

- Synthetic-And-Mesh
- Imported
- Rubber sole
- Breathable fabric lining
- Cushioned foam midsole and outsole unit absorbs impacting shock and delivers daylong comfort
- 100% Polyester
- Imported
- Rubber sole
- Mesh upper for optimal breathability
- Soft foam midsole delivers lightweight, responsive cushioning

Between these two shoes, Nike Revolution 3 is the better running shoe. It has a more durable and supportive upper. The midsole is also more responsive and comfortable, and the outer sole is more reliable on slippery surfaces. Nike Tanjun seems to be a nice model due to the lightweight design, but the midsole and outer sole aren’t as good.

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