Nike SFB vs Danner Tachyon

Both Nike SFB and Danner Tachyon are military boots that offer enhanced protection. Nike SFB has been incredibly popular due to the superior fit and comfort. Many people love it for garrisoning and walking around the town. On the other hand, Danner Tachyon is also quite comfortable. The thick sole ensures that you will not feel protruding rocks. Continue reading below to see more about Nike SFB vs Danner Tachyon!

Nike SFB
Nike SFB is known for the light weight and comfortable fit. The upper construction is made of leather and breathable canvas, ensuring a proper fit, some pretty good protection, and comfort. It features a dynamic lacing system and an eight-inch shaft for an optimized lockdown and support. The lacing is easy to adjust, and you can make it fit snugly without any real discomfort. The phylon midsole provides increased stability and cushioning. See also: Nike SFB vs SFB Field.

Compared to most military boots, Nike SFB falls into the lightweight group. The upper and midsole use lightweight materials to ensure that you will stay comfortable even after an extended duration. In the sole, there is also an internal rock shield which reduces the road impacts and effectively prevents punctures. This is a very useful feature when going into a difficult terrain. But the sole is not very thick, and you can still feel some rocks.

However, the rubber sole may be quite slippery on slick mud and ice. The aggressive diamond tread pattern does not help much on such terrains. But the performance is very good on the road and solid ground. It provides enough grip and traction to allow solid and confident footing.

Danner Tachyon
When choosing between Nike SFB vs Danner Tachyon, perhaps the most noticeable advantage of Danner Tachyon is the better, thicker sole. The sole does a better job in reducing impacts and shielding the foot from protruding rocks. On these Danner Tachyon boots, your feet will not feel the rocks.

However, just like Nike SFB, Danner Tachyon is not suitable for extreme, rigorous field uses. It is not very durable. The midsole may get loose if you over-abuse it by taking it into a dense, rough terrain. The fabric upper does not offer much support and protection.

Nevertheless, Danner Tachyon is also very comfortable. It is even lighter than the Nike SFB. This is possible because the upper is made of thick fabric rather than leather. The lacing system can give you a snug fit, but it takes longer to adjust.

Danner Tachyon comes with a rubber sole with pentagonal tread elements. The larger side elements ensure stability and good grip. It can give decent traction on solid ground and perhaps on sand and light mud.

- Leather and breathable canvas in upper for durability and ventilated comfort
- Dynamic lacing system and 8" shaft for enhanced lockdown and support
- Phylon midsole for stability and lightweight cushioning
- Rubber outsole with aggressive pattern for traction and durability
- Shaft measures approximately 8" from arch
- Heel measures approximately 1"
- Platform measures approximately 0.75"
- Complete synthetic ultralight upper for superior weight savings and dry time

In general, Nike SFB is more recommended because of the better fit and slightly higher durability. The leather upper is more durable. However, Danner Tachyon still makes a decent alternative if you just need a pair of boots for walking around the town. The thicker sole is nice and comfortable, but it is not very durable.

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