Nike React Element 55 vs Adidas Ultra Boos

It doesn’t matter whether you use your running shoes for a big race or personal reasons, looking for the best running shoes for you is mandatory in any condition. Well of course, before actually starting picking which one is most interesting, you need to understand some points first. Trust us, it’ll be worth your while.

Running shoes have not fallen into just one category. In fact, there are actually some types of running shoes, each of one with their own unique character. In total, there are three distinct styles of running shoes, like neutral, motion control, and stability.

The first one, which is Neutral, is best suited for neutral runners. For those of you who plan on wearing running shoes for the first time, this category might be the best for you. Neutral shoes have midsole cushioning and designed with additional shock absorption.

Stability running shoes are best suited with low or flat arches. They have the adequate medial support, and again, midsole cushioning. What these shoes do is to help distribute impact, while minimizing overpronation.

The last category, Motion Control, is a great option for the runners who go for severe overpronation. Their character is basically flatter on the outsoles, and often equipped with extra built-in support.

Category is not the only thing you’re going into. Shoes are also different based on the environment. For example, there’s traditional running shoes and trail running shoes. Traditional shoes are more light to fit a flatter environment, but also added with extra comfort with its lightweight and flexible outsoles.

Meanwhile, trail-running shoes are built with durability on the top, able to cross off-road terrains with the protection from hard rubber.

Now that you at least have a slight grip of what kind of running shoes you’re into, we want to give you some recommendations. These come from giant brands, Nike and Adidas. Maybe you’ve been familiar with the two or have heard about them before, the Nike React Element 55 and Adidas Ultra Boost 20.

Nike React Element 55

Nike React Element 55 is surely another great addition to the Nike family. Based on the first impression, we found that the midsole has received a little bit of modification. Nike has claimed it to be their most responsive cushioning technology. Read also: Hoka Clifton 5 vs Nike Pegasus 35.

Outsole now looks really rugged and supportive, and overall design makes it quite popular among the sneaker fans. Nike React Element 55 was actually released as an update of the previous Element 87.

Since their launch, fans have been fighting over them from both online and offline. Stocks went off like a breeze, making them climb in rarity. But aside from the name, what are the other good things about these shoes?

Nike React Element 55 Adidas Ultra Boos
Product Dimensions 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches11.3 x 7.7 x 4.4 inches
Shipping Weight1.05 Pounds12.8 Ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Element 55 came in a different way, by adapting the not translucent upper. On the upper side, you can find that this shoe has great breathability. The air will keep flowing, providing fresh air every now and then. But, the tongue is a bit thin, and many wearers are not happy with this change.

Even though there’s some aspect most people didn’t like, the Nike logo always catches an eye. There’s a traditional lacing on the upper side, really showing the wavy pattern.

Element 55’s Midsole is equipped with Nike React Foam Technology, which Nike previously claimed to be highly responsive. It does give impressive energy feedback, and the shock absorption is great as expected.

People were comparing which one is better, Nike Reach foam or the one in Adidas Boost. Many preferred the first one. What they described is, it’s soft, extremely comfortable, and very supportive.

Adidas Ultra Boost 20

Now we’ve come to the second one, Adidas Ultra Boost. Launched around the end of 2019, this shoe had given a lot of speculations and expectations from surrounding fans. It was considered very special, at that particular time. The reason is none other than the fact that Adidas Ultra Boost was meant to be the successor of previously-great Adidas Ultra Boost 19. Has it changed a lot? Or is it just another generic addition?

Coming to the face of the market with adopting the older way. Using the classic Boost midsole that has been applied for many years, the Ultraboost 20 was claimed to be more supportive than the previous model. It is supposed to give off 20% more energy return, each time you run.

Since it brings the same technology for the midsole part, no actual difference was found. Really, this foam they have is already applied to Ultraboost 19. Many fans felt them to be the same, there’s no improvement whatsoever for this part. Raising a question, why do the customers need to pay more then?

It looks like they just painted the new color to the old model, and now you have it, Ultraboost 20. The truth may be painful, but it is what it is. But regardless, the design has made Ultra Boost 20 a masterpiece to its fans.

Extra price should mean extra something, right? Put aside the similarities, you can actually find some differences. For example, the upper side is now newly designed. It’s not totally new, but the new color combination somehow makes it fresher. It has different knitting compared to the Ultraboost 19.

For you who are truly fans of lightweight running shoes, be prepared for the disappointment. Ultra Boost 20 is unfortunately not lighter than 19. You may not feel it during a short run. But your idea might change after doing long distances. Compared to Nike shoes, this one feels pretty much heavier.

Nike React Element 55 vs Adidas Ultra Boos

- Modern design
- Nike sneakers for a nod to the past and a look towards the future.
- Rubber sole
- Snug, sock-like fit
- 100% Leather
- Imported
- Synthetic sole
- Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch


Before actually talking about the end points, let’s take a bit of a look back. Many people have said that they could find only a small difference, and the rest is basically the same. We somehow agree on that point, these two stylish shoes are already great as they are. But on the minus point, the midsole part is some kind of trouble. It doesn’t have the comfort that most people need, and this happens on the two models.

But the rest is exceptionally great, like stability, fitness, durability, and weight are almost similar. Adidas Ultraboost excels in Upper comfort, while Nike React Element 55 does the same way with Underfoot.

If the price aspect really bothers you, Nike’s price is lower than adidas. But the actual gap between the two is like $30, it’s not really that big of a deal. Meanwhile, with a more affordable price Nike React Element 55 still has lighter weight, which is great. If you prefer a lightweight shoe, we think Nike React Element 55 is the one for you.


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