Nike Pegasus VS Winflo

Many of us are neglecting the importance of running shoes but they are very useful for both casuals and serious runners in order to support their activities. There are also plenty of shoes to match with such as Nike Pegasus Vs Winflo that are designed for those who prefer to wear something with more natural support. These shoes are ideal for a wide range of runners yet they are not exactly the same, so before deciding the option, let’s see what they can offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Wearing a Running Shoes
  • What are Nike Pegasus and Winflo
  • How are the Design of Nike Pegasus and Winflo
  • How are the Upper of Nike Pegasus and Winflo
  • How are the Sole of Nike Pegasus and Winflo
  • how are the Running Experience with Nike Pegasus and Winflo
  • Nike Pegasus Vs Winflo

Wearing a Running Shoes

We all know the benefits of running and many of us are starting to change our lifestyles by being more active or trying lots of new activities. This is a very convenient way to stay fit since all of us can afford to run with a healthy body. You don’t have to worry about the place either because gyms are everywhere or if you prefer to not commit to a membership, we can just go outside and run around the neighborhood.

However, we still have to invest in running shoes and for those who wonder whether it is necessary to have a pair, the answer will be no. If you can’t spend on running shoes or don’t want to for some reason, we can still run using safe footwear. Barefoot running does have some fans but for safety purposes it is probably wise to consider the place or terrain where you will be running since we don’t know what may harm our feet during the activity.

The reason why running shoes are important is because they can provide the support for our feet, especially for those with flat feet. If you have flat feet and a very active lifestyle with routine exercise, it is best to ask your therapist or exercise physiologist for the recommendations of ideal running shoes. With ideal shoes we can get better arch stability and even when you don’t have flat feet, many of us will still be able to benefit from an ideal type of support.

Nike PegasusWinflo
Product Dimensions10mm (12mm forefoot, 22mm heel)10mm (12mm forefoot, 22mm heel)
Shipping Weight272 grams283 grams
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Running shoes are just like any footwear so they are in general protective but are also useful to prevent some types of injuries. The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that midsole cushioning and arch support can prevent the overuse injuries including tendonitis, joint pain, and stress fractures. With barefoot running, what you have to concern first is the risk of scrapes and cuts while the running shoes or shoes with outsoles will provide the protection against such injuries.

In addition, running shoes seem to improve athletic performance. The experts believe that it is due to several factors including comfort which is good for the running capacity. It makes sense because when your feet are uncomfortable it is more taxing for the body to deliver the same performance and hence competitive runners will benefit a lot from wearing the ideal running shoes. Even for casual runners, we prefer to wear something that feels comfy on the foot.

About Nike Pegasus and Winflo

If you can spend the budget, we do recommend finding suitable running shoes for the activity since many are also very affordable. We don’t need to buy expensive running shoes just to enjoy the advantage and people who are competitive running are usually what this type of shoes are meant for. In some cases, companies can make shoes that will also work for casual footwear and they are usually expensive for the aesthetic design and probably materials.

For runners who just want to have good running shoes, there are more than plenty of good options out there. You can shop based on the brand, budget, or the features from the shoes and among those many options, Nike is always one of the best to go for. They may be more famous for the lifestyle shoes but the company still makes lots of great running-focus shoes. The option will vary however since even similar shoes are not going to be exactly the same.

Price will decide some of the features and level of materials quality too but usually it is not between night and day such as what you can see from Nike Pegasus and Winflo. In general the latter is like a smaller sibling of the former and they do provide the same type of ride for the runners. You can say that these shoes are fairly neutral, making them versatile for a wide range of runners but, put side by side the Winflo is not going to feel as robust as the Pegasus.

For the specific shoes we are talking about here, it is between the Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 and Nike Zoom Winflo 5. As the model suggests, they do come with similar materials so it is not a surprise to see how the ride feels similar as well. However, with the noticeable price gap between Nike Pegasus and Winflo, we can’t complain as well because the latter seems to be designed for budget shoppers. We do think the Pegasus is a better choice if you want a more premium experience.

Nike Pegasus and Winflo Design

You can easily tell the difference between these shoes from the outside or shape already. The Pegasus somehow made the upper more sturdy as it can retain the shape well while the Winflo feels a bit thinner so it also looks more flexible. The mesh material design is not the same as well but you can notice the perforated fabric is slightly different. The panel that secured their shoelace is also different with Winflo coming with more support that give the shoes an accent too.

The overall shape is actually very similar and they will be widest in the middle but we do think Winflo is the wider shoes here compared to Pegasus which is more streamlined and slim. The tongue is similarly thin but they should be comfortable enough for most runners. Another difference we notice is Pegasus will be the lighter shoes as well since it is not even 9 oz. while the Winflo is 10 oz. already. Read also: Brooks Revel 3 vs Glycerin 18 here.

Nike Pegasus and Winflo Upper

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Nike Pegasus and Winflo can offer starting from the upper. Both shoes have this seamless mesh material that improves the breathability of the upper and they are wrapping really good around your foot too. It is a very simple design with nothing particularly interesting. What’s great is this mesh feels flexible so they don’t fit extremely tight even when still new. As you can expect, the internal layer also has some denser padding on the high-stress area.

The overall feel of both shoes’ upper is almost like sock-fit while giving the tongue a firm anchor to prevent it from sliding. However, since the tongue is also a bit longer than the upper shoelace, some people seem to find the tongue to rub their ankle and for Pegasus, the small lip at the end feels a bit weird during the first few runs.

Nike Pegasus and Winflo Sole

Now for the sole part, as the name suggests both Nike Pegasus and Winflo are made using the Zoom foam combined with Cushlon foam which is surprising to see because the latter is a very affordable option. These foams are very supportive while being lightweight as well so the main goal is not for cushioning if you are into very soft and foamy running shoes. The overall feel from these foams are more of soft foam as we don’t really get the airy part.

What makes the ride quite different is probably the placement of these materials on both soles because the Zoom Air is only below the heels of Winflo while Pegasus it is better spread on the sole, making your feet feel more comfortable especially when landing. The material is rather springy to give an adequate feedback for your running without being overall soft either.

Nike Pegasus Vs Winflo

Lastly on the running experience, both Nike Pegasus and Winflo are very similar but not exactly the same. At first Pegasus is quite a tight shoe and probably because of the more streamlined shape that makes it somehow stiff when new. The sole makes these shoes some of the most popular for so many runners since they just provide adequate support but, in comparison the Pegasus is also more supportive and gives more feedback in every step, making it feels better too, especially for uneven surfaces.

Nike Pegasus VS Winflo

Both running shoes are similarly good options and they are designed to almost like another version of each other. The upper and sole parts are mostly made of the same materials but they are designed a bit differently with Pegasus being the slimmer version so it may be not very comfy for those with wide feet especially when new. The ride feels better on Pegasus however because it is very supportive with just enough springiness to make your step more effective.

- Perforations on the upper enhance breathability at the forefoot and arch.
- Full-length Zoom Air unit provides a smooth, responsive ride.
- Slimmer design reduces bulk for a comfortable, contouring fit.
- Exposed Flywire cables in the midfoot promote a snug fit at higher speeds.
- Flymesh material is designed for breathable support
- Dynamic Fit system uses Flywire cables for locked-in support
- Nike Zoom Air and Cushlon foam sole provide responsive cushioning
- Durable rubber tread for multi-surface traction


For those looking to buy good running shoes, any of the two will be a great choice. We do think runners with wide feet may want to opt for Winflo instead as these shoes feel great out of the box but for the better running experience Pegasus is the more ideal choice.


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