Nike Pegasus Vs Vaporfly

Running is fun, convenient, and a cheap way of getting fit, in fact you don’t need to spend much in order to stay within the healthy weight just with running. However, it is highly advised to wear the proper gear when running and a good running shoe will take you a long way in the journey. Nike Pegasus Vs Vaporfly are good options to accompany your road stride because they are very light and comfortable. If these shoes also attract your attention, do check which of them will fit you better below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Running Shoes are Important
  • What are Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly
  • What Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly Look Like
  • How are the Upper of Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly
  • How are the Midsole of Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly
  • How are the Experience with Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly
  • Nike Pegasus Vs Vaporfly

Running Shoes

For most people being healthy is everything because we need it to enjoy life to the fullest; to work, be with the people you cherish, and to do your favorite activities. Running is an easy exercise that may help in improving health, especially fitness so we can avoid various lifestyle-related health issues, combined with a healthy lifestyle, and of course enough rest. When it comes to running, we can do it almost anywhere and without much gear to start with but a pair of running shoes.

Running shoes are very important for people who spend their time walking, running, or exercising with sport or gym equipment. If you wonder why, the reason is because we want to prevent injury because inappropriate shoes may cause some accidents that hinder your fitness or even weight loss journey. Good shoes will help protect us from the injuries which is common with the type of workout we are doing. They can mostly lessen the impact on the step as well as cushion the foot from heavy landings.

There are various typical injuries associated with running such as ankle strains and fractures, bunions and corns, and even metatarsalgia which is a condition when you feel pain in the ball of the foot that is worsened with incorrect shoes. Additionally, if you have certain goals and are exercising both for fun and chasing an achievement, wearing the proper shoes for running such as Adidas Ultra Boost Vs Floatride may improve your performance because they are both light and comfortable to aid your fast pace.

Similar to choosing or wearing inappropriate shoes, worn out shoes are also bad for the activities. They may be more comfortable because our feet are used to them but it is not safe to use them anymore as the gear is not as protective as it used to. The time to change shoes may vary depending on the intensity of your work out or activities but, in general people who are running around 20 miles every week, then the shoes will need to get replaced at 20 or 25 weeks as usually running shoes will worn out every 350-500 miles.

 Nike Pegasus Nike Vaporfly
Product Dimensions15 x 6 x 4 inches10.6 x 7.2 x 3.7 inches
Shipping Weight1.8 Pounds1 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Some people may be hesitant to change their worn out shoes because a new pair of running shoes can be quite expensive. High-end models are usually lighter and have better material for both comfort and performance but, if budget is a consideration, we do think opting for the former model or older variant will save a lot because in most cases there are only few things upgraded from the latest shoes.

About Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly

If you are here then we assume that you also agree running shoes will be very beneficial for the activities. When it comes to running shoes, there will be plenty of amazing options in the market and it is always about which more comfortable to you as not all of us will have the same preferences or the terrain and place you will be doing the exercise in, such as running on the road, track, or on different terrain and indoor.

If the amount of options is overwhelming, we do recommend deciding on one or few brands that you like the most or worn before. This way you can narrow down the option and concentrating on those seems fitting for the activities. Among the collection of sport shoe brands with amazing running shoes, Nike is always one of the best bets to go for. This brand carries plenty of good options in various different prices to match any budget you may want to spend.

Just like with other products, price makes a difference but it doesn’t mean the more affordable options can’t be as good or worth your attention such as both Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly which are clearly on different places in terms of price spectrum but are equally loved by their users. The Pegasus is probably one of the oldest popular running shoes in the market after spending decades and still going strong nowadays with the Zoom 36 that we will be choosing for this comparison.

This is also one of the best bets be it for experienced runners or people who just get into the game and other novice users because it offers all the basics, no more and less but just enough. On the other hand, Vaporfly, as the name suggests, is one of the newest offerings and probably quite expensive compared to many running shoes with the same purpose. However, it is priced to match the technology behind it and research done to create a shoe that is very light yet very comfortable as well.

Vaporfly or Vaporfly 4% is a very popular shoe and currently, it can cost from $300 to $500 for a pair, which is about two to three times the Pegasus or the Air Zoom Pegasus we talked about above. The shoes are very popular and have been sold out for quite some time but now they are back in the market with plenty of stock already. What’s surprising is unlike running/lifestyle shoes such as Ultra Boost, this is not bought by collectors but by actual runners.

Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly are not as stylish as what common lifestyle sneakers are designed because even in a glance you will notice that these two are running shoes. We don’t have any complaints about how they look and the shade options here are actually diverse but still subtle and pretty standard for those who don’t want to stand out. Overall they are pretty slim and lightweight with the latter much lighter.

From the image alone you may not able to differentiate how light the Vaporfly but this shoe is only about 195 grams for the size 10; similar to another popular lightweight shoes Floatride Run Fast as opposed to the Air Zoom Pegasus which is almost 100 grams heavier. As for the upper, both seem to use mesh material but we guess it is a little bit different and we will continue it below.

Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly Upper

Now let’s see the upper area of Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly first as many must be already curious about the difference. What’s set them apart the most in this area is the mesh material itself because while the two look pretty much the same to each other, the Vaporfly is actually single piece thus, it will give you a fit like a sock and will feel snuggier as well. The mesh used for this shoe is Flyknit with fused layering as opposed to perforated mesh with flywire cord-assisted lacing.

The shoelace of these running shoes are also very similar which is flat rather than rounded and this gives the shoe a better fitting as the lace presses down the upper material or the tongue in Pegasus. The difference is you may feel the pressure with Vaporfly since it is a single build but also feels better for those who like the sock fit.

Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly Midsole

Moving to the sole, this is where Vaporfly stands out the most because it is combining ZoomX Foam and internal carbon plate which is pretty unique and gives a kind of new feeling. The thing about this new technology is while the shoe looks very soft and mushy, this carbon plate is stopping you in the middle thus, giving a support right where it is needed both bouncy and firm at the same time. This plate is as long as the foot itself and also shaped accordingly.

On the other hand, the Pegasus midsole is only ZoomX and React foam which gives you a similar impression of cushion but is much firmer. Moving to the front foot, the cushioning is much less and this area is considered firm which is great for versatility and eases you when handling speed.

Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly On Feet

The last part we want to talk about the different feeling of these shoes on the feet because the Nike Pegasus and Vaporfly are quite different. Surprisingly, your Vaporfly or Vaporfly 4% is much more responsive to impact and softer from the rear foot to the mid area while leaving the front foot slightly soft. On the Pegasus, it is noticeably firmer from front to rear and the front is probably very firm while the rest is more of medium; not very soft either.

Nike Pegasus Vs Vaporfly

These running shoes are made for different people not only for the budget range but because of the feeling of the shoe itself. In our opinion the Pegasus is the versatile option, it is not extraordinary in any aspects but this is what made the shoe ideal for a varying type of runners yet, best if you prefer the shoe to be firm enough for control. The Vaporfly is best for comfort as it blends soft and responsiveness into a pair of lightweight running shoes.

- Perforations on upper enhance breathability in forefoot and arch.
- Full-length Zoom Air unit provides a smooth, responsive ride.
- Slimmer design reduces bulk for a comfortable, conforming fit.
- Exposed Flywire cables in the midfoot promote a snug fit at higher speeds.
- Flyknit constructed upper provides lightweight breathability and support.
- Full-length carbon fiber plate feels like it's propelling you forward.
- Internal heel design secures the back of your foot.
- Outsole features optimal rubber for efficiency and traction.


It is best to shop based on which you prefer better because not all of us will have the same taste and style in running. Personally we like how familiar Pegasus is if you are used to firmer shoes but if you love bouncy midsoles, we do recommend trying Vaporfly.

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