Nike Pegasus VS React Infinity

Running is a very convenient exercise that you can do almost anywhere with the help of a good pair of running shoes. The pair of shoes is necessary because it affects how you run and the overall experience while it protects your feet. For those who want to get comfy yet ideal shoes for the training, Nike Pegasus Vs React Infinity are good options to consider. These are not identical shoes however so let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Choosing Running as an Exercise
  • What are Nike Pegasus and React Infinity
  • How are the Appearance of Nike Pegasus and React Infinity
  • How are the Upper of Nike Pegasus and React Infinity
  • How are the Sole of Nike Pegasus and React Infinity
  • How are the Experience with Nike Pegasus and React Infinity
  • Nike Pegasus Vs React Infinity

Running Benefits

Being healthy is an investment because it is unmeasurable to have a healthy body that we can rely on. Even when you are still young and have the fortune to spend, we can’t enjoy life to the fullest without a healthy body. As many already know, modern lifestyle may have lots of health risks, especially with how our diets consist of nutritionally poor foods and high calories items while there is not enough exercise as well to balance things out.  

Healthier lifestyle may sound like a great challenge but it is far from impossible and we can start by maintaining healthy diets with some exercise too. Starting to be more active and improve your fitness will help a lot to fight off lifestyle-related diseases and for a better life quality. You can try being a member of a nearby gym for example and make time to visit and exercise routinely. Since it is a service we pay, it can motivate us to use the facility too. 

If committing to a membership or paying the subscription don’t seem like a possible option, we can just try running. This exercise can be done almost anywhere as long as you have the space; we can run around the neighborhood, in your backyard, on a treadmill at home, on the trail, etc. This is very convenient for people who don’t have much time to exercise or don’t have access to the facility in their area and the fact that all you need is a pair of good running shoes, we can start very quickly.

 Nike PegasusReact Infinity
Product Dimensions9.65 x 3.35 x 3.74 inches13.5 x 8.5 x 4.7 inches
Shipping Weight1.1 Pounds2.03 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Running has been the most popular exercise for so long and this is because it brings so many health benefits too. It is one of the best cardio exercises and just like any cardio, it is great for heart health. It is suggested that running for at least 10 minutes everyday will significantly lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease while reducing the chances of dying from the disease by about 50%. It will help lower your resting heart rate too.

This is an indicator of an efficient heartbeat because it means our organ is working efficiently. For those with problems sleeping, you can get a better sleep with running because aerobic exercise including running will release endorphins that will help relieve both pain and stress. In addition, if you have knee or back health issues, there is a study of 675 marathon runners who were found to have lower arthritis rates compared to non-runner. It seems the more we get used to running, the lower the risk of developing back pain as we age too.

About Nike Pegasus and React Infinity 

Just like with sports like tennis, you will need proper equipment to run as well and while it is not mandatory to wear running shoes, we will be more comfortable in one. Personally we don’t recommend running barefoot outdoors because the risk of hurting our feet may give the opposite of benefit from the running itself. Running shoes don’t have to be fancy or expensive as long as it is comfortable and protective, it can be a good pair for you.

However, for those who pay more attention to how they run, you may want to consider the option a little bit more thoroughly since they do affect performance, even though it is only based on the comfort. Getting ideal shoes will also improve arch support for people with high or low arch, especially if you will be running in long distance. For running shoes, the options are abundant out there and we have the fullest freedom to choose one.

It can be confusing at the same time but, it is great to provide users with the type of shoes they want and the budget they can spend. Nike for example is always one of the best when it comes to sport footwear. They are probably more well-known by the mass as a sport/lifestyle apparel brand, specifically with how famous their line of shoes is. But, we do think they still carry some of the best running shoes that you can try.

Nike Pegasus and React Infinity are some of them which are ideal for a wide range of runners or anyone who just wants to have good, comfortable shoes for their everyday training. Besides styling, what we love the most from Nike shoes is their various materials or foam technologies on the sole that continues to be upgraded and giving different experiences across the running shoes. This is what we feel about both series, specifically how the foam or sole perform. Read also: Nike Pegasus Vs Asics Kayano here.

Nike Pegasus and React Infinity Design

We are sure many will agree when we say that Nike Pegasus and React Infinity are both very attractive running shoes. They look sporty and comfortable with a simple look but in comparison the React Infinity which is quite newer compared to the 36th version of Pegasus here does look more attractive. The outsole is eye-catching with its pretty detailing while the material itself is kind of similar. The upper is noticeably different since React Infinity uses Flyknit instead of regular mesh.

You can also say that React Infinity is a chunkier shoe with a thicker foam and this makes the unit look more robust as well. Just like most Nike shoes, they don’t forget to put these details on the upper but the latter seems to be 3D printed instead of just a pattern. The shoelaces are flat and they are reinforced to improve the whole build. As expected, the Pegasus is the lighter shoe compared to React Infinity for about 30 grams less. Fashion wise they look great with lots of shades to choose from.

Nike Pegasus and React Infinity Upper

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Nike Pegasus and React Infinity can offer starting from the upper first and we do think you can already see the price difference here. Yes, React Infinity is quite more expensive and this newest model in our comparison is coming with Flyknit upper. It is made of flywire cables which gives your feet a very nice and snuggly feeling without extremely restricting the movement. It is light and breathable too but our favorite is the collar.

This becomes noticeable because Pegasus collar is less padded and there seems to be this extended material which somehow often folded ironically, causing some discomfort. When fitted, we also like the short but padded tongue of React Infinity as it helps cushion the feet. On the minor addition these shoes come with heel tabs while the seemingly 3D printed logo we have mentioned above is actually reflective as well.

Nike Pegasus and React Infinity Sole

Next let’s talk about another significant difference and this is about how their soles feel. Starting with Pegasus, this shoe comes with Premium Cushlon foam combined with Zoom Air, located in the forefoot and heel, hence the name. Cushlon seems to be the higher variant of Phylon EVA foam but is lighter and more responsive. This allows your shoes to be low profile but still has its amount of response from the cushion. It is not a soft shoe, just an adequate layer below your feet.

The React Infinity we have here is the newest variant and it is not much different from their previous year version. The React foam here is soft and squishy which probably makes it one of the most interesting cushiony shoes recently. What makes it interesting is that this is not the mushy and extremely soft variant, instead it is the soft but supportive foam thus, people can still pick up a pretty decent pace with it.

Nike Pegasus and React Infinity Running Experience 

Lastly for the experience, both Nike Pegasus and React Infinity are very different. You can easily tell that Pegasus is much firmer compared to React Infinity and so not everyone will have the same preference whether they like softer or harder foam. In general if you like soft foam or doing a longer, more laid back run the Infinity will be more comfortable, including for a daily trainer but if you want the more responsive shoes, we do think Pegasus is going to fit the application better. 

Nike Pegasus Vs React Infinity

Both are good running shoes but probably not for the same person. In comparison between Nike Pegasus and React Infinity, the latter is definitely softer and if you often walk or just slow run in long distances, this is going to be the footwear to go for. It is not mushy too so you can still run faster with them but it is also not very responsive compared to Pegasus. For the overall comfort both upper and sole feels softer on the React Infinity.

- 36 Pegasus has more perforations and engineered mesh in the upper for targeted breathability across high-heat areas.
- A slimmer heel collar and tongue reduce bulk without compromising comfort, while exposed Flywire cables give you a snug fit at higher speeds.
- Full-length Zoom Air unit provides a smooth, responsive ride.
- High resiliency sockliner adapts to the contour of your foot for support while waffle pistons on outsole help absorb impact and provide multi-surface traction
- Increased rubber on the outsole helps deliver traction and durability.
- Cushioned collar provides soft comfort.
- A wide shape provides a more stable ride, helping release energy with every step.
- Loop at the heel for easy on and off.


It is important to get shoes that match your preference since we have different tastes too. We will highly recommend React Infinity if in general you like the softer and cushioned shoes but for the daily application, Pegasus is both responsive and far more affordable. 


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