Nike Pegasus Vs Nike React

Running shoes are necessary for protection and comfort which is why choosing a new pair can be a challenging task, especially if you want to try a new model or upgrade the shoe. However, there are lots of amazing options out there that are not only comfortable but also look great such as the Nike Pegasus Vs Nike React. If these shoes attract your attention, do check what they can offer below and see which of them will be your best pick.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose a Running Shoes
  • What are Nike Pegasus and Nike React
  • How Nike Pegasus and Nike React Look Like
  • How are the Upper of Nike Pegasus and Nike React
  • How are the Sole of Nike Pegasus and Nike React
  • How are the Experience with Nike Pegasus and Nike React
  • Nike Pegasus Vs Nike React

Choosing Running Shoes

Running is a very beneficial activity that you can do almost anywhere as long as there is enough space to stride. When it comes to running, one gear that we need to have is probably the running shoes because this is properly designed for the application and is very comfortable as well as protective when you hit the road. In some models, they may be versatile too as daily sneakers if you are into the design. Overall, running shoes are going to elevate your experience.

However, shopping or choosing for them is not the best experience because finding a good fit and the type of shoes among a mountain of options will leave anyone confused, moreover if you are doing it from home through the smart device. But, worry not because there are plenty of guides to choose proper shoes online and the first thing is you may want to measure your feet before because fitting is the most important factor to find your next shoes.

Use a paper and line both of the feet then measure the length as well as width of each one of them. Since our left and right feet are often different in size, it is wise to measure the one with the longest length and widest depth. Use these numbers to look for the best sizing for you and nowadays there are plenty of guides online to convert these numbers into shoe sizing or check your favorite brand and see their chart if you will pick one of their collections.

After the sizing comes the shoe design itself and there are actually plenty of factors to consider in a shoe which can be personal for your running style. One of the most important will be the type of support of the shoes due to pronation and if you find yourself to over pronate then it is best to find shoes with more stabilization but if not, usually most people will be just fine with neutral support shoes as they allow you to run more naturally.

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Shipping Weight11.6 ounces7.87 ounces
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Another important aspect to consider is probably the level of cushioning you want and this is also personal because you should follow your own taste and which seems more comfortable. Do note that the less support means you will feel the ground better in every step while if you like the feeling of running on clouds or just want to go easy on the legs, very cushioned shoes will feel incredible. In addition, the sole also has a drop that signifies the heel and front support.

About Nike Pegasus and Nike React

Now when you already have an image on what shoes or how the shoes should be, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are plenty of them out there and not all will be the same. Chances are popular shoes can be a great option but it is never a guarantee and if you are used to a certain model then it is probably wise to stick with their continuation so we don’t need time to get used to the new shoes.

If you don’t have a very specific budget range, going for what most people are opting can save the time rummaging all the collections available in the market. For convenience, Nike is probably one of the most popular when it comes to footwear and this is not only for their stylish, lifestyle sneakers but also for their running shoes which many are already in the game for so many years and we are talking about decades here so chances are you may like them as well.

Talking about the popular shoes from this brand, two of them are Nike Pegasus and Nike React. Especially the Pegasus, this shoes has been around for so long, probably around four decades now and they continuously getting renewed or upgraded sometimes with new technologies and of course better engineering than when it first came out. In comparison, the React is still quite new and the one we are talking about today is the Infinity Run Fk or Flyknit material as you will find few models with the name such as Epic or Element.

The Infinity is very similar to Epic however with differences on the type of ride since these two are prominently different as the former is much softer on the sole. Comparing the Nike Pegasus and Nike React, the difference is still the same, mostly on the sole as they are using different material here. In our opinion, both are good as a daily trainer but if you are more into softer shoes then React Infinity is the better shoes to go for.

Nike Pegasus and Nike React Design

The Nike Pegasus we are talking about today is the 36 model and you may be able to find the newer 37 as well but for now we are focusing on the shoe that is already very popular. As you can see from the sample picture above, the two are very different and let’s say that the upper is completely apart with the React Infinity comes in a single piece and the Pegasus is more of a standard looking, daily trainer with more familiar looking design.

One of the qualities that we love from Nike and their trainers is the design because they are just stylish and compared to many similar shoes in the same price range such as Brooks Revel 3 Vs Ghost 12, personally we do think the color scheme and overall silhouette looks better in these shoes. Additionally, while it often goes unnoticed, both of them are slightly lighter at 283 and 291 grams for size 10 US.

Nike Pegasus and Nike React Upper

Now let’s talk about one of the most important parts of the shoes which is the upper. As it has been mentioned above, one of the prominent differences between Nike Pegasus and Nike React is the design of the upper as your React Infinity is a one-piece style upper while the former is standard design with an opening in the middle and tongue to connect both parts. In comparison, they may have different feel on the feet and in addition, the two also use different material here.

The React Infinity is also made with fused layers and if you see the side of each shoe, there is this urethane sidebar which is intended to make the run more stable, similar in many other shoes such as the Brooks Transcend. For the Pegasus, the upper is pretty standard and shape wise, this model has thinner tongue as well as shorter than its older model so we can guess that it will be tighter too.

Nike Pegasus and Nike React Sole

Next let’s move forward to the sole and this is where Nike Pegasus and Nike React are going to affect the running experience the most. Starting with Pegasus, this shoe is paired with a full-length Zoom Air unit which is a relatively firm EVA foam on the midsole and will make your stride a bit stiff. The best thing about firmer shoes is you can control the speed without having to worry about the annoying sink spots and hence this type of shoes is very versatile.

As for React Infinity Run, this model is coming with React foam but is a little bit different because the type they use here is a low-density foam which is also very soft. The feeling of walking or running with these shoes are soft and cushiony with prominent squish.

Nike Pegasus and Nike React Experience

The last let’s compare experience with Nike Pegasus and Nike React because these two are very different. Do note that these are applied to these specific shoes as these lines have few in the catalog that are also different from each other. In terms of riding experience the Pegasus is a fast pace, rather firm shoes which makes it great for daily trainers and short to marathon distance. On the other hand the React Infinity Run is soft, cushiony shoes, with plenty of squish which is ideal for long, slow walks.

Nike Pegasus Vs Nike React

Both shoes are quite different so it is easy to choose one based on which you like better. While the Nike Pegasus and Nike React have different upper, they do have similar looks but in comparison the React is looser and relaxed than Pegasus snug fit. The prominent difference is on their sole because React Infinity Run is very soft and cushiony shoes which is a bit strange knowing there is a stabilizing panel meant to keep the foot at a fixed position.

For running purposes, we do think React is more suitable for those who walk or slow run in long distance or just like soft, cushiony shoes. The Pegasus is more versatile as daily training and more reliable for medium to high speed running up to marathon distance.

- Full-length Zoom Air unit provides a smooth, responsive ride.
- Slimmer design reduces bulk for a comfortable, conforming fit.
- Exposed Flywire cables in the midfoot promote a snug fit at higher speeds.
- Cushlon ST foam provides firm yet responsive cushioning.
- Higher foam stack heights provide a softer feel. A wider shape provides a more stable ride, helping release energy with every step.
- The shape of the Nike React foam midsole provides support for the 3 phases of a runner's stride. It helps create flexibility at toe-off, a smooth ride at mid-stance and cushioning at contact.
- Less material in the shoe means you're closer to the foam, creating a softer, more responsive experience.
- Increased rubber at the outsole helps deliver traction and durability.


All in all it is wise to choose the shoes that match your taste but as it has been mentioned above, if you love cushiony shoes then React Infinity Run is the option but if you want a regular, versatile daily trainer then Pegasus is the one to go.

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