Nike FS Lite Run 2 vs Nike Free

You probably have seen many shoes out there offering you tons of benefits and comfort. But if you want to be real there is hardly a shoe which has a good quality with a low price. That’s a reality which makes it clearer that the better the brand is, the better your shoes will be. It is mainly because most of the big name brands are usually protecting their big names with producing the best possible shoe which can change from time to time. In this case, we have big names like Nike which guarantee us with great quality products. Here are two Nike products which are pretty good, one is Nike FS Lite Run 2 and the other one is Nike Free. The Nike FS Lite Run 2 has become quite popular for the runners. It has been considered as a good running shoe merely because of its ability to accommodate to the runner’s feet with sureness and comfortable feeling. On the other hand, Nike Free is also a pretty decent product which offers such flexibility and breathable material. It has been considered as the ultra weight shoe which is proven by its light material. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Nike Free has been minimally structured it has no overlays, no heel counter; it is just a stretchy woven mesh with few Flywire bands on its lace rows to lock our foot down. You might be thinking that this is terrible, but it is what makes Nike Free becomes a good lightweight shoe. It feels like you are using socks or walking barefoot rather than using a shoe. The material is pretty flexible, and the structure is pretty good with exposed midsole cushion, and goo sole which enables you to walk quietly without anyone can hear your footfalls while running. On the other hand, Nike FS Lite Run 2 has made up to its reputation as it is a very comfortable and it can accommodate pretty much all the things that a runner loves to have. Its materials are nothing special as it used the rubber sole and the same mesh. It also has the plush tongue and collar for comfort. However, there is some minimal addition like the molded foam inside which supplies light underfoot cushioning and the minimal, ergonomic outsole which is designed to mimic the natural motion of the foot.

Nike Free is pretty good in its performance, it is light, and it gives minimal sound when used. It also offers such flexibility for the runner and gives the stability when used. On the other hand, Nike FS Lite Run 2 is also a good product as it has a comfortable inner sleeve construction which allows us to wear a shoe without putting the socks first. It has stylish looks, it is comfortable, and it can accommodate pretty much what the runner dream for.

- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately 2.75" from arch
- Plush tongue and collar for added comfort
- Molded foam insole supplies light underfoot cushioning
- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately 3" from arch
- Phylite mid-sole for cushioning
- Flex grooves throughout the mid-sole allow unbelievable flexibility

So both products have a totally different approach. Nike Free is made for the purpose of becoming an ultra lightweight shoe which is best for the people who hates shoe. On the opposite, Nike Fs Lite 2 Run 2 is best used for the runner who loves comfortable shoe which can fit their foot in no time.

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