Nike FS Lite Run 2 vs 3

Nike FS Lite Run shoes are among the most popular models on the market right now. These shoes are very stylish and good-looking, incredibly comfortable, and highly durable. Even if you run a lot every week, chances are these shoes will stay solid and intact without any problem. The latest release is the Nike FS Lite Run 3, which is an update for the previous Nike FS Lite Run 2. So, is the new model really better? In the following article, we are going to see the comparisons between Nike FS Lite Run 2 and Nike FS Lite Run 3 to determine which one makes the best value for the money.

At first, it may be difficult to tell the differences between these two models. Both models look quite similar to each other. They both have uppers that are made of synthetic and mesh. However, there are notable distinctions. The very first thing that we can notice is that, on Nike FS Lite Run 2, the Nike logo does not look very pronounced and is placed more to the side. On the other hand, Nike FS Lite Run 3 now has a larger Nike logo that is painted with a high-contrast color. As the effect, the logo is now more salient. Another difference regarding the logo is on the tongue. The front side of Nike FS Lite Run 2’s tongue has the Nike logo, whereas Nike FS Lite Run 3 replaces the logo with the exact name of the brand and the model. (Read also: Nike FS Lite Run 2 vs Nike Free)

Previously, on Nike FS Lite Run 2, the side of the upper is a perforated synthetic layer. Now, Nike FS Lite Run 3 has significantly more mesh part. The side is now a mesh layer that is softer and more breathable. Overall, the upper of Nike FS Lite Run 3 is softer, lighter, and more comfortable than Nike FS Lite Run 2.

The sole of Nike FS Lite Run 3 has undergone a few adjustments from Nike FS Lite Run 2. Previously, Nike FS Lite Run 2 has a low-profile midsole that is actually very responsive. But Nike FS Lite Run 3 brings an improved midsole with better flexibility and support for lateral movements. The tread patterns are also different. Nike FS Lite Run 2 comes with rectangular tread blocks, but now Nike FS Lite Run 3 has hexagonal tread blocks with different designs on the heel, lateral forefoot, and toe. The results are much better grip and traction as well as improved durability.

- Plush tongue and collar for added comfort
- Molded foam insole supplies light underfoot cushioning
- Responsive, low-to-the-ground midsole
- Shaft measures approximately 2.5" from arch
- Full-length midsole delivers lightweight responsiveness
- Sculpted rubber outsole creates a flexible fit

Finally, we recommend you to choose Nike FS Lite Run 3 over Nike FS Lite Run 2. The new model is lighter and more breathable, with better support and grip.

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