Nike Air Force 1 vs 07

As one of the biggest house that released several iconic shoes, Nike is the choice of so many people when it comes to sneaker. If you are following the trend, Nike Air Force 1 vs 07 are going to be your next pair because they are what it means to be stylish and comfortable. While these shoes are very identical, it doesn’t mean they are completely the same so if you are confused about which to choose, see our article below to see the differences.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Sneaker is Popular
– What are Nike Air Force 1 and 07
– How are the History of Nike Air Force 1 and 07
– What Nike Air Force 1 and 07 Look Like
– How are the Sole of Nike Air Force 1 and 07
– How are the Upper of Nike Air Force 1 and 07
– Nike Air Force 1 vs 07

Modern Sneaker
Looking around at what people worn today when outside from those passerby near your favorite restaurant and your friends, it seems that sneaker has become a staple of many, including us. Not only regular people, celebrities and popular influencers or even professional sport players are wearing them from time to time which creating a market for new and upgraded shoes from long time ago or introducing the old but gold era when sneaker is taking the market by storm.

In the sneaker market, not all of them will last because only those truly classic that hold its name and style can make it out to today’s era. Those sneakers has graduate from being a trend to staples so it is not surprising to see them on both shoes enthusiast to casual users foot. Throwing back to when sport shoes are only worn by sport players, they are indeed made to cover their feet and providing the proper support to anything they need to do during the game.

To fulfill those requirement, a shoe must have the comfort and durable build because if not, they can harm the player. Along the years, sport shoes began to be worn outside the game as well due to how comfortable they are and it is what we are looking for on a shoe even today because the most important thing to consider is always comfort then comes style. Each shoe have their own designer and it can be either popular or unappealing in the market.

Nobody wants to wear a lame shoe, moreover, if you are a paying lots attention to your appearance because a good looking pair will enhance our look and confidence as well to make you look sportier or casual and bold. In the beginning of 20s, shoes manufacturer start to work together with celebrities to endorse or design their products which is a great method to do a campaign because it proven to be an effective way to introduce and sell the line; some limited edition are even sold with a surprisingly expensive price.

For regular people, spending a huge sum of money just to buy a pair of shoes seem unwise but for those enthusiast, sky is probably their limit. However, it is never wrong to want something and be happy when we finally can achieve the goal or own the certain item. For a sneaker, the common price are between tens to hundreds of bucks depend on the brand and model so they are actually very affordable as long as we don’t aim for the limited edition.

About Nike Air Force 1 and 07
If this is your first time purchasing a branded sneaker, the huge amount of models and brands outside can be overwhelming but if you are here for the staple shoes, it is good to start from the old classic ones. Among those many shoes or sneakers worn by people today, we are sure most people are already familiar with Nike’s old favorite, the Air Force 1 shoes. This model has been available since decades ago and it last until today not without a reason.

This one of the most best-selling shoes of all time is gaining the popularity and known for the low-cut, in all-white shoes will surely attract people’s attention anytime they see it on the street. Read also: Nike Air Force 1 vs Cortez here.

Nike Air Force 1 and 07 History
The shoe long history start in 1982 when Bruce Kilgore who is Nike designer made the shoe to be initially only available in high top and differentiated from the other by the chunky sole designed to cushion the player’s feet during game. It looks bold at that time but the white grey color option does make the shoe a safe option.

Not long after or the next year, Nike finally released the low-cut version of the shoes and with the new model, they also introduce a new and bolder color options into the line which attract people attention at that time and similar like those we see today while the all-white seems to dominate AF1 users still. The shoes indeed popular but it doesn’t made Nike want to keep them in the market for longer because they eventually discontinued the shoe in 1984 yet, then re-released it again not long after in 1986.

Air Force 1 then goes into a long journey with celebrities and sport players alike that in the end brought the city favorite to various areas in the country and it also thanks to hip hop artists like Jay Z who add a foundation into the shoes being one of the most popular in the genre. Today, not only people from certain music listener wear the shoes because since it is spread widely, people began wearing it as part of their staple look.

Through the history, Nike has released numerous Air Force 1 shoes edition but the one being asked much is the 07 version which is actually the model we see today because it separate the older original 1982 shoes to the modern version. Nike Air Force 1 07 is released in 2007 as the 25th birthday for the model so it is not surprising when the model is putting the year at the end. In short, the original AF1 82 is no longer newly produced today.

We do use a sample picture above but, they are not actually representing the shoes we are talking about; only for an example. The older version is separated from new models mainly on the deubre placed on top of the shoe or in the lowest shoelace in which the original said “AF1 82” while the one we see today is only “AF1”; some models don’t even include this plate anymore like the one we used as a sample picture above.

Nike Air Force 1 and 07 Design
In term of design and overall look, Nike Air Force 1 and 07 are very similar to each other if not identical because the new shoe is made following the original model thus, there nothing in particular except the deubre mentioned above that redesign from the older version. They still have the bulky form and a thick sole with their special Air cushioning or midsole. Depend on the model you pick, there is the all-white and there are the colorful version such as the Premium iD shoes.

Nike Air Force 1 and 07 Sole
Let’s first take a look at the sole of both Nike Air Force 1 and 07 because this part is very important to make sure they have a nice and proper grip when you are walking down the road. For those who only wear these shoes for casual wear, the circular tread pattern on these soles are very well supporting our foot and won’t be slippery even when you are walking on a wet pavement. There is the midsole above and just like what has been printed on, they are Air technology.

This technology used to be on their Swoosh running shoes but then adapted on basketball Air Force 1 to give more support and cushioning when players need to jump and land. The basic of this technology is air trapped in a flexible bag inside the midsole which instead of regular air, they use a dense gas thus, it won’t escape the bag. Depend on the shoes, these air filled bag will be placed on different position where the user will need more support such as on the heel.

Nike Air Force 1 and 07 Upper
At the outermost of their top, both Nike Air Force 1 and 07 model are still being made from the same leather material and stay chunky with much padding on the inside part. From the original model, the deubre will be different but now, it is harder to set one version to another for AF1 not only available in a single design or version. In general, however, the material use to make the shoe is not very breathable yet, the small holes on the cap does help when the weather is quite hot outside.

Now, let’s compare Nike Air Force 1 with 07. Both shoes are very similar but since the original AF1 82 is not being produce again, the one we see today is the newer version only. Talking about the older model, the prominent difference will be the deubre which add some modern nuance into the old shoe but besides that, the all-white AF1 stays the same except for special/exclusive models.

Nike Air Force 1 vs 07

- Lightly padded mesh lined collar with thin mesh tongue
- White Nike Swoosh graphic on the sides
- Durable cupsole construction
- Thin removable cushioned footbed
- Leather
- Rubber sole
- 100% Authentic
- White

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste especially when it comes to fashion but we do love both Air Force 1 whether it is the original or newer version and in our opinion, it is better to follow your own preference when purchasing a shoe both if it is for sport activity or for casual, everyday wear.

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