New Balance Minimus Review: A Comfortable and Natural Minimalist Shoe

There are a lot of things that we can invest in this era. In the fashion era, there are tons of shoes which have been applied to the technologies. You can find many brands competing to give the customerAs their best shoes with the best technology. One that has been known out there is the New Balance product. This time, New Balance gives us the New Balance Minimus which is designed as the minimal footwear movement shoe. The outsole has been changed, instead of round rubber pads, you get the six-sided logs with varying size, larger in high wear areas and smaller in positions which requiring less durability. Many runners will love this shoe as it is made with so many details in it. It is a very good shoe which will give its users the missing element in reaching the specific goal. So let’s see if you are fit with the shoe style or not.

First impression
At the first time you see it, Minimus is kind of different to other minimalist shoes. The shoe is not that feather light, and the shoes feel like a very glove-like. It has a soft and plush upper that is designed specially to be worn without a problem. You won’t need to mind putting socks anymore because the shoe already has this feature which is very comfortable. You can find the collar around the heel which will prevent any irritation around the Achilles Tendon. The running motion with Minimus is also very firm. It works quite well in many terrains, and the shoe has the natural-feeling midfoot. You can also find a relatively wide toe box which will let your toes spread out nicely inside of it.

You can’t feel too tight because of this toebox, and your running motion will also improve because of ti. You will get the freedom and mobility that you haven’t get for a long time. You can’t say that this shoe makes you feel too tight, it is more about how this shoe fit your foot perfectly and allow you to get the maximum output from it. The arch support is not that significant as it is grouped as the minimalist shoe. The insole felt flat, and your foot will feel very close to the ground. This method and technology are mimicking the barefoot. The result is nearly perfect as you can feel how you felt like running with barefoot. For some people running with barefoot is better and more comfortable rather than running with complete shoes and socks covering their feet. So the mimicking is a successful one with the fantastic result of a barefoot condition.

There are some interesting features added to this shoe. You can find it immediately after using it for some time. The basic material of this shoe is using the fabric and synthetic material. Most of its materials are imported, and the sole is the Vibram sole. The shaft measures for about 2.5” from the arch. The lace up cross trainer featuring the burrito tongue and asymmetric collar with the molded foam. You can also find the Revlite midsole and the Vibram outsole. The outsole is not using the rubber pads, and instead, it uses the six-sided lugs with different size. The size is larger in the high wear areas and smaller in the place that needs less durability. The contribution of this is nearly an ounce of its weight. The upper is also benefits from the softer treatment which is the thin foam layer which is sandwiched between two mesh fabric. The forefoot is slight pressure so that the wearers can feel the base of their toes.

- Shaft measures approximately 2.5" from arch - Lace-up cross trainer featuring burrito tongue and asymmetric collar with molded foam - Revlite midsole

So we can already say that New Balance Minimus shoe is one of the best minimal shoe out there. It provides us with the best cushion and size which fit the best when used. The natural barefoot approach makes the shoe become a unique one compared to the others. So you need to try this interesting shoe as the benefits are not only limited to one section.

– Made from Fabric and synthetic materials
– Vibram Outsole
– Revlite Midsole
– Shaft measures approximately 2.5″ from arch
– Wide toebox
– Molded foam

– Good durability
– Fantastic foam
– A very big point in the toe placement as it is fit perfectly to the shoe
– Increase your running power
– Get the natural feeling of barefoot condition

Price of New Balance Minimus
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