New Balance Beacon V2 vs V3 

Buying a new pair of running shoes can be confusing because there are so many of them out there. It is faster to choose based on your favorite brand and variant that match your activity such as the New Balance Beacon V2 Vs V3 which are ideal for road running or as your daily trainer. Being versatile is making the shoes popular but, the two are not exactly the same as well so let’s see below about what they can offer and pick the one that attracts your attention the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Consider in a Running Shoes
  • What are New Balance V2 and V3
  • How are the Look of New Balance V2 and V3
  • How are the Upper of New Balance V2 and V3
  • How are the Sole of New Balance V2 and V3
  • How are the Experience with New Balance V2 and V3
  • New Balance V2 Vs V3

Choosing for Running Shoes

Looking for a pair of running shoes is far more difficult than choosing for your next smartphone despite being\\ mostly far cheaper. This is because there are so many of them and all look the same, a running shoe is a running shoe that can be used daily as well for your outdoor or gym activities. But, the fact is they can vary greatly and not all of them will just fit right on our feet or can even feel off as you run on them.

For running shoes, comfort is probably the most important besides the type of shoes you are going for such as either for road or off-road application. The most often discussed when it comes to running shoes is how to match them with your running. Running shoes are not only made to cover your feet as we strike the ground but also to help with the running whether making it more comfortable, correcting the way you run, or supporting a more energy efficient running.

Many running shoes that are in mid or high-end such as Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 Vs Nike Vaporfly are both energy absorbing as well as flexible to return the impact we put, making the shoes ideal for long-mileage running or performance runners. The basic running shoes are probably how we match our feet and way of running to the perfect shoes and pronation is one of the most important aspects to consider as most shoes are designed for specific users.

If you already know that your way of running is overpronate or underpronate it is wise to ask for professional advice rather than just relying on the shoes. Pronation is the way our heels roll inward as we strike the ground which can be just a little bit or too much. People who are usually overpronate are those with low to medium arch. If you are one, try choosing motion control or stability shoes to help correct the feet.

On the other hand there is underpronation or also called as supination in which the feet strike the ground heel first but instead of rolling inward, it is rolling outward and stays on the outside of the foot through the entire foot strike. Similar to those with neutral gait and not overpronate, the ideal shoe options are those with neutral support. Typically people who tend to underpronate are those with higher arch as opposed to low arch.

 New Balance Beacon V2New Balance Beacon V3 
Product Dimensions14.8 x 9.4 x 5.3 inches13 x 7.6 x 5.1 inches
Shipping Weight7 Ounces1.35 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About New Balance V2 and V3

These factors can be confusing too but at least we have a guide when shopping to determine which will fit on the feet and running style. If you can visit a specialty store that can assist with running shoes, it is better to try them first on the spot to know how the shoe feels, especially if you have a lot of good words from other users. For those who don’t have certain concerns besides fit, many running shoes are just as good to have.

If you have no time to spend looking through all brands and their options, it is faster to see what other similar users are opting for. Good brands can be a good start as well, especially if you already have a favorite manufacturer such as New Balance. We are sure most people, even non-runners are familiar with this veteran brand since they have been around for quite some time. They may not be that interesting compared to Adidas or Nike but recently they carry various attractive shoes for runners or just casual gym goers.

In 2019, they release a new shoe or the new iteration of one of the brand’s favorites which is Beacon. These cushion shoes are very popular after getting upgraded with Fresh Foam and now we have the new or V3 of the variant. Both New Balance Beacon V2 and V3 are very similar to each other and still the same to the older V1 but of course, they put some upgrades here to make the shoe better or more suitable for some users.

The shoes are still using Fresh Foam and there is no change on the foam itself but more on the technology of V3. With the Beacon V3, the shoe is now more comfortable and more suitable for long runners compared to the two older shoes, the V1 and V2. But, the overall performance is still just as good. We do think both New Balance V2 and V3 are great for longer runs but on a lower speed as the shoes are more on the comfy side rather than on the performance side.

New Balance V2 and V3 Design

Before checking what these shoes can offer, let’s see the unit first and being close brothers make these two are almost looking like the same shoes. They are not exactly the same however with some easy to notice details such as the styling of their heel counter in which the V3 is wavy while the V3 has a various sizes of hexagonal pattern that wraps until the top eyelet. Similarly, the two are easily seen as cushiony shoes just from how thick the sole is.

In a glance they seem identical in terms of height but we will talk about it later. As for the weight, they are similarly light or around 215 and 221 grams so while the shoe looks bulky, they don’t feel like one at all. On the styling we have no issue since these shoes are looking great and available with more subtle or typical colors which arguably won’t make you stand out as well and we personally like most of their shades.

New Balance V2 and V3 Upper

Now for the most important part, let’s see what New Balance V2 and V3 can offer. Starting from the upper, these are pretty unique designs especially on the heels which we have mentioned above. It is different from what the front is made with which is mesh and this heel support is both firm as well as contouring and stays out of the way, without causing any discomfort. The mesh seems like the same material but the texture is a little bit different.

The new V3’s upper is smoother to touch in comparison to V2 but the breathability and comfort is the same. They are not a single-piece upper like some running shoes but are fitting quite well and the toe box is large too to provide more room for your feet, especially during a long mileage. As for the shoelace, they are flat so when they tighten they will press well into the upper and tongue.

New Balance V2 and V3 Sole

Next for the sole, New Balance V2 and V3 are using the Fresh Foam which is loved by many as it is very cushiony and comfy. What’s different is that now the heel is thicker or raised to 29mm instead of 26mm like on the previous variant yet, the drop is still the same which is 6mm. Another one is New Balance claimed to use Fresh Foam X for V3 shoes but it seems many doubt whether this is a new technology or just marketing gimmick. 

The Fresh Foam X is still the EVA that we know but they may tweak this material to improve the overall performance since while it is thicker, the shoes are still similarly light and feel very soft. This adds or improves the cushiony feeling of V2 and keeps the V3 inside the medium soft range.

New Balance V2 and V3 Experience 

Lastly we want to talk about the experience and how New Balance V2 and V3 feel for running. Originally none of them are made for speed so they may feel too mushy for those who are aiming to break their previous records. In comparison the V3 is softer and somehow feels more comfortable as well if you like additional height. They are more suitable for daily trainers or long walks and running at low speed. There is no issue about sinking as well and our favorite from V3 is we don’t really feel the ground texture with this shoe.

New Balance Beacon V2 vs V3 

Both New Balance V2 and V3 are very similar to each other and they are ideal for the same type of application. The V3 is improved and said to be featured with different foam which is not only thicker but is also more comfortable especially on the softness. The material for the upper seems to be upgraded as well so in general the V3 is like a better version of V2 while retaining all the goodness.

- Ground Contact Fresh Foam midsole cushioning with rubber outsole pods delivers an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride while providing abrasion resistance where needed
- Ultra Heel design hugs the back of the foot for a snug, supportive fit
- Synthetic/mesh upper
- 6 mm drop; due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 6 mm drop are approximate
- Ground Contact Fresh Foam Midsole delivers a cushioned, lightweight ride and the outsole has strategically placed rubber outsole pods for durability where needed
- Engineered mesh upper for a barely-there feel
- Breathable textile material keeps your foot cool
- Ultra Heel design hugs the back of the foot for a snug, supportive fit


You can go amazing with any of these shoes but since the two are at the same price point, we do recommend getting the Beacon V3 if you like thicker and soft shoes because this variant is very cushiony both for long mileage and as a daily trainer..

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