New Balance 990v3 vs 990v4

Are you interested in the fashion? If yes, then you probably would like to get a good pair of shoes which look different from others. There are tons of different shoes out there, but the stylish and good one are a hardly found. That’s why you need to search it in the New Balance store as New Balance has been known for its great fashion along with its high standard quality. Here are two shoes which are produced by New Balance, the New Balance 990v3 and New Balance 990v4. Both are coming from the same types of shoes, what differs them are just their series, whereas New Balance 990v4 is the further generation from 990v3.

New Balance 990v4 is a shoe which is intended for the road running or just casual use. It provides the best cushioning and support for the road running, and it is undoubtedly one of the most reliable brand out there which is why you can consider the high price as the constellation from its big name. New Balance 990v3 itself is the previous series or generation which has been changed at some point as it evolves now into 990v4. However, there is still something that can make you want to buy New Balance 990v3, its appearance and its price. New Balance 990v3 has some classical look whereas the 990v4 has more modern looks. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Overview and Performance
New Balance 990 v4 is using the leather and fabric material which makes it more stylish. It is then using the standard rubber sole material. The interesting part is the fact that New Balance 990v4 claim it is a classic running shoe whereas the look is so modern. It is then packed with leather and fabric upper featuring dual-density collar and padded tongue. After that, you can see the blown rubber forefoot which is intended for lightweight cushioning. What makes New Balance more interesting than another brand is about its appearance and fashion.

It fits perfectly for the teenager or middle aged whereas it has a white strip along with cool looking appearance. You can walk or run around with such stability while using a cool-looking shoe. The cushioning and support is good, not the best but still pretty decent. The only downside is its material makes it hard to clean the stains from the shoe. Its circulation is also pretty bad because it has no circulatory features in it. On the other hand, New Balance 990v3 is pretty much the same like 990v4. The only difference is located in its stability and cushioning. New Balance 990v4 offers better cushioning and comfort along with stability which is quite good. And you also can’t forget about its appearance which is different whereas 990v3 looks more classical than the 990v4.

- Shaft measures approximately 3" from arch
- Classic running shoe with leather and fabric upper featuring dual-density collar and padded tongue
- Blown-rubber forefoot for lightweight cushioning
- Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
- Encap PU ring with eva core midsole
- Dual density collar foam

New Balance has come out with stylish and realistic shoes which become favorite between the middle age people and teenagers. In this case, New Balance 990v4 is the next generation from its predecessor with better cushioning and stability. So both shoes are pretty good, but you can say that New Balance quality is mainly based on nowadays fashion trend whereas it put strong aspect in the look rather than pure performance.

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