New Balance 610V2 Review: Comfortable, Good For Light Terrains

In this New Balance 610V2 review, we will discuss about the affordable and stylish trail running shoe that is quite popular on the market. Of course, one of the reasons to this shoe’s popularity is the affordable and budget-friendly price. However, this shoe is indeed quite catchy and attractive due to the sporty design. Then again, New Balance 610V2 is not the most supportive and durable option available, and it will not be able to withstand usage on heavy and technical terrains.

Upper Construction
New Balance 610V2 features a nice, lightweight mesh upper. The mesh construction is very lightweight and breathable. Your feet will be grateful for the excellent air circulation. The shoes will keep your feet cool and fresh in nearly all conditions. However, the lacing system does not have anything special. It is pretty much a regular lacing system. But it is good enough to keep the fit snug, precise, and comfortable.

On the front side of the shoe, you can find a shell that extends from the bottom to the top of the upper. This shell is designed to protect the toes from impacts. However, this shell is not particularly sturdy, and it is simply stitched onto the upper construction. That’s not exactly stylish. Fortunately, the rest of the upper is generally more eye-catching.

The upper is pretty durable. But it is not weatherproof, so it will not prevent the foot from getting soaked in rain. You also need to consider that the upper is not sturdy enough for technical terrains. So, this shoe is great for on-road and light off-road runs, but not for the heavier technical terrains.

New Balance 610V2 features a significant heel-to-toe drop, which is 12 mm. That’s quite dramatic. If you are used to forefoot running, such dramatic drop may feel uncomfortable. This shoe is more suitable for people who prefer to heel strike.

The midsole is constructed using the Acteva Lite foam, which is very cushy and comfortable. You will love the softness. It is also quite lightweight, so it will not add any significant weight that may hinder your acceleration.

However, the midsole is not very supportive. So, if you need extra support especially on the arch area, this shoe is not the best choice.

Outer Sole
The outer sole of New Balance 610V2 is made from rubber. The sole plate is strong and sturdy, but the lugs are not very thick. The lugs have quite a lot of biting edges for enhanced grip and traction on mud and snow. But, again, the outer sole is not very durable. It may get worn off quickly if used on demanding terrains.

- Leather - Imported - Rubber sole - Heel measures approximately 1.5" - 12mm heel-to-toe drop - ACTEVA LITE foam midsole - Breathable mesh lining - AT all-terrain outsole

As the conclusion of New Balance 610V2 review, this is a good value for the money if you are looking for a trail running shoe that is cushy and comfortable. The performance is good enough for light terrains. However, it is not durable enough for heavy and technical terrains. The midsole is cushy, but not very supportive.

Specifications of New Balance 610V2
Breathable mesh lining
12mm heel-to-toe drop
Heel measures about 1.5″
ACTEVA LITE foam midsole
Rubber sole
AT all-terrain outer sole

Pros of New Balance 610V2
– Cushy and comfortable midsole
– Good traction on the lighter terrains
– Budget-friendly price

Cons of New Balance 610V2
Not very durable

Price of New Balance 610V2
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