New Balance 1080 Vs Hoka Clifton

Running shoes are important to decide the stride whether you want to race or run leisurely. They are designed to provide the appropriate support and control over your stride while protecting them from the harsh surface. The New Balance 1080 Vs Hoka Clifton are great options for runners who are looking for a neutral and everyday running shoes to match with their lifestyle. The run with them are straightforward and supportive without being flimsy but, you may like one better and here we will compare the two.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Choosing Running as an Exercise
  • What are New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton
  • How are the Appearance of New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton
  • How are the Upper of New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton
  • How are the Sole of New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton
  • How are the Run with New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton
  • New Balance 1080 Vs Hoka Clifton

Running Advantages

Our body is able to strive with the nutrients we supply from food and beverages we have consume as well as from the exercise that we do. Not everyone love natural and healthy foods because they tend to be less appetizing but, it is a worthy investment to let us enjoy the days with a fit body and energize throughout our lifetime. If we can manage to learn the healthy habit, chances are we can live longer or avoid any serious diseases as we grow old.

Exercising don’t have to be expensive as well because nowadays there are tons of video and information about how to properly train the body. From doing aerobic or yoga at home to visiting the gym routinely and participating on marathon, the choice is all yours because it will be much easier to follow through the plan if it is match with your own personal taste. Among those many options, we are sure most of us are familiar with running because we have done it since early age.

Running is natural movement that human develop from surviving the evolution so it is just expected to see how they can improve our health if done properly. Research has shown that the activity can help to lower your blood bad cholesterol level and increasing the lung function. They are also great to boost the immune system and lowering the risk of developing blood clots. Thy are good as well to lower the risk of having a stroke an in women running can help lowering the chance of death by breast cancer.

The most common reasons as to why people start to run is because this is a great tool to spend the calorie we have consumed. This is beneficial for people who are trying to lose weight or maintaining body weight, especially if you often consume more than what the body need. But, for weight loss, it is wise to match the exercise with the healthier diet as well since it is not enough to lose weight by just running or, it will be less effective to use only exercise.

New Balance 1080Hoka Clifton
Product Dimensions10 x 15 x 6 inches13 x 7.6 x 5.1 inches
Shipping Weight2 pounds1.35 Pounds
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Another benefit of running is not on physical but also mental health, especially in modern days when people seem to be more open about their condition, we can try this sport to help lessening the severity. Study have shown they can improve mental health and even ability to memorize as well as ability to learn. It keeps you away from loneliness and isolation as well as a great way to reduce stress, depression and, and anxiety.

About New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton

If you are ready to start the new lifestyle, it is time to start planning the new habit. For running, we can do it anywhere whether you like it indoors or outdoors, as long as there is the space we can do the activity. Slowly first then we can increase the pace to optimize the energy burn and to improve your fitness but, when it comes to running, there is one gear we will need to have for the activity which is a running shoes itself.

When you mentioned about getting into the routine, we are sure most people will recommend to buy a pair of running shoes as well but which of them to purchase can sometimes be very confusing, especially if this is your first shoes. We suggest to try them first or shop based on your own preference while running such as whether the shoes have to be firm, soft, bouncy, or very light and start narrowing down the option from there.

If you want to save time, we can shop from popular brands instead because as long you don’t have certain health condition to address then high chances the popular shoes will fit your feet just as good; don’t forget about the sizing however for online shoppers. New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton for example are ideal shoes or runners who are loving the feeling of thick cushion below their feet. These running show are shock absorbing and very comfortable for many.

The New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton are made for long-distance running with slow or medium paced but depending on the application, we do think they are great for daily application as well if you are going to run everyday. In comparison, these shoes are very similar to each other despite having different design and made by different companies. But, if you want to save some of the budget, we do think we can choose the 1080 without any concern. Read also: New Balance 1080 Vs 880 here.

New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton Appearance

As you can see from the sample picture above, somehow we can already have an image on how the shoes will feel like due to how thick the sole is. What set the two apart on first glance is probably the upper because the 1080, in this V10 iteration is much simpler in terms of thickness while the latter is bulkier, making it look more robust as well. The prominent difference in our opinion is how the forefoot of 1080 is arched upward more than many other shoes.

Another difference is on their bottom of the forefoot or near the midfoot in which 1080 is wider here while other running shoes including Hoka Clifton is more streamlined. Side by side, the two sole stack is what most attractive from the shoes while the upper is more modest but if you see the 1080, we actually also interested to the heel cover which seems to be made of slightly different material than the rest of the shoes, especially with its texturized stitch fabric.

New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton Upper

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton can offer starting from the upper first. The impression we had for 1080 is that the shoes will be light to wear and this is true but the Clifton is also one of the lightest shoes we have seen and slightly lighter than the New Balance. The new heel slip now is very comfy, the design itself is thin but doesn’t slip at all while your run without putting any pressure as well yet, for the first try and fit, the ankle does feels a bit loose.

Moving to the Clifton, what we want to say is the shoes may look thick but it is actually not as thick as we thought it was. The overlays on the older shoes are now replaced with 3D bands to give a more adaptive supports while the mesh is now doing the job properly as well. Overall the feel on this upper is conforming to the feet without being overly tight.

New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton Sole

Next is for the sole which made up the bounce we will enjoy while picking up the pace. Here both New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton are coming with quite a thick layer below the feet as sole stack on the heel 30mm and 29mm while the forefoot is 22 and 24mm respectively. The material is special from these brands so they call it differently as Fresh Foam X and the compression EVA which is familiar to the Clifton line. In comparison, the Fresh Foam is probably firmer than typical cushiony shoes however.

This can be a good or bad thing based on how you will want the shoes to feel like but for better response, if you are going to pick up pace then we do think the 1080 will be a more comfortable and easy to wear shoes. This is helped by the rocker shape of the shoes that gives a feel of bounciness into the foam, making it great for runner to increase the speed as well while the latter in our opinion is more ideal for long-relaxing or more lain back run.

New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton Experience

Lastly on the overall experience with New Balance 1080 and Hoka Clifton, we do think 1080 is a very attractive running shoes. At first we are not very sure about the shape as they look uncomfortable but as you hit the track and increasing the speed, this is a great shoes that provide support, absorption and bounce to keep you at decent pace. The latter on the other hand is more of a relaxing shoes, it is soft, easy to the feet, but provide less stability once you run faster.

New Balance 1080 Vs Hoka Clifton

The decision should be based on your personal preference because not all of us will have the same taste in how the shoes have to be. The difference mostly on the upper design and foam below because in comparison Clifton is softer while the 1080 is more of a supportive shoes with a rather firm and bouncy material. The upper is also comfy and ideal for running for a prolong time with a decent speed compared to the more laid back Clifton that probably better for recovery or slow paced application.

- Rubber sole
- Fresh Foam midsole.
- Hypoknit upper
- Data-driven design
- Rubber sole
- Open mesh upper allows air to pass through with seamless synthetic overlays
- Fabric lining that allows air to pass through for undisturbed use
- Removable foam padded footbed for cushioning and support


There is no bad option between the two but they are indeed different and personally, we will recommend the 1080 shoes, especially the V10 because this shoes is great for long distance but also versatile for fast pace by being more responsive.

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