New Balance 1080 Vs Hoka Bondi

Running shoes are necessary for your comfort and safety while doing the exercise. While they look similar, not all of the options out there are exactly the same such as New Balance 1080 Vs Hoka Bondi that are designed for runners who want versatile shoes that can provide comfort and control for their stride. These shoes are popular as daily trainers as well and will fit on a wider range of runner types but, you may like one better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Running Shoes to Buy
  • What are New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi
  • How are the Design of New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi
  • How are the Upper of New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi
  • How are the Sole of New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi
  • How are the Experience with New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi
  • New Balance 1080 Vs Hoka Bondi

Running Shoes

Exercise is important to improve fitness and there are lots of exercises or physical activities to do in order to train the body. Running is one of them and this is easier to access by most people because as long as there is enough space in your area then we can run anywhere whether you prefer to use a treadmill or on track and on a more challenging terrain. What you will need for this activity however, besides a comfortable clothing is a pair of running shoes.

When you mentioned about getting into a new habit or lifestyle that includes running, we are sure many also recommend getting a pair of running shoes first and this is how the gear is a basic tool that you will need during the activity. Running shoes are not designed as a gimmick but to protect the feet just like any other footwear. We can run barefoot if you prefer so but the shoes are here to help by covering the skin and providing enough support for the feet to strike the ground repetitively.

The most important part of running shoes is probably the fitting itself, just like bike helmets which are designed for a range of sizes, the shoes are measured differently to provide the correct fitting across users. The shoes can’t be too tight or too loose in order to perform properly and provide the best experience. Note that our feet may swell throughout the day so make sure to measure or buy and try the shoes in the afternoon in order to achieve the most ideal fitting.

Running shoes are also designed for different types of users which makes even the same shoes but from different series can be noticeably different as well such as Hoka Clifton 5 Vs 6. You can choose based on the terrain and based on the application or just overall preference. We are the ones who are the most knowledgeable about our own personal taste. For example, the shoes made for road running and trail will be different not only on the thickness of the sole but also the outsole design.

New Balance 1080Hoka Bondi
Product Dimensions13.1 x 8.2 x 5.2 inches12.2 x 8.4 x 4.8 inches
Shipping Weight9.9 ounces11.6 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Road runners mostly have flat outsoles to minimize the energy spent when striking the ground. On the other hand trail shoes need to have better grip with more prominent outsole to gain traction on loose or hard pack surfaces. Another example is if you prefer to run slowly or more laid back and enjoying the time, we may choose shoes with a plush cushion for comfort but if you are a performance oriented runner who is fast paced, a firmer shoes will provide greater control over your landing and take-off.

About New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi

Overall it all depends on what you want to get from the shoes and which of them match your preference. We do recommend trying some and getting an idea on what your choice can offer compared to the similar alternatives. This way we can get better information when deciding the one shoe that will accompany your activity for miles ahead. If it is too complicated, we can save time by checking what other similar runners are opting for.

Personally we like to consider the options from popular brands because they tend to be more reliable and have wider options in the collection. Some of them are New Balance and Hoka shoes which are among the most attractive choices to shop from. These well-known running shoes brands are here to provide runners with lots of running shoes based on the types of run or even fashion if you are into their appearance. Depending on which fits your taste, they carry both laid back and performance oriented shoes.

If you are going to run often, the New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi are two ideal shoes to consider. They are often said to be similar but not exactly and being made by different manufacturers as well as marketed towards different types of runner, we don’t think it will be difficult to decide between the two. They are boasting the comfort ride with some support from the sole in order to cushion as well as providing a more ideal surface to bounce back.

In comparison, the New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi are not the same but we want to mention the 1080 and Bondi today are the V10 and 6th series from the line so other series will most likely be different, especially between Bondi 5 and 6. If you will find the 1080 great for running and increasing the speed, we do think the Bondi 6 is more of a comfort and cushioned shoes which makes it suitable for a laid back running.

New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi Design

One thing that we notice kind of similar between New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi is their shape and this is because they have the rocker shape that means the forefoot is slightly angled higher than typical running shoes, giving an impression that they are going to be very supportive when it comes to aiding your stride on the track or road. The upper are made of different material but from the forefoot to midfoot they seem to be similarly thin and on the heel, our 1080 is the thinner one.

Honestly we are attracted to how the heel and sole look like in this shoe since they are very eye-catching with this unusual pattern but when moving to Bondi, we are somehow reminded of a pillow. It seems that not only the feeling of the shoes but also the appearance of this shoe is made to be as cushiony and soft as possible. In terms of weight the 6th version of Bondi is heavier than the 5th version as well as noticeably heavier than New Balance 1080 V10.

New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi Upper

Now for the most important part, let’s see what New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi can offer starting from the upper. Here we can see that these shoes are using different designs and materials. In 1080 for example, it is constructed from dual density mesh bootie over the molded synthetic material. The distinct heel cup is better because now it prevents slippage. As for the comfort, it has a sock-like fit and there is no issue about high temperature too.

Moving to the Hoka Bondi, these shoes have a redesigned upper mesh which seems a bit lower in quality than what we see on the Bondi 5 but it should work well for breathability and durability. The material however, is not the best in performance when you are against warmer weather since it can be a bit sweating inside. Our favorite part is the addition of Lycra on the heel which not only makes the shoes look more premium but also very comfortable and soft to touch.

New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi Sole

Next is for the midsole of New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi starting with Bondi first. This shoe line is using full EVA midsole and early stage meta rocker geometry. Compared to last year’s shoes, this shoe is more cushiony and probably one of the softest shoes in Hoka’s collection, similar to what you can experience with Clifton. It feels pillowy soft, great for hours of running or short distance too including recovery runs. On the other hand the 1080 V10 is using Fresh Foam X which is surprisingly firm.

These shoes are definitely not made to be a softer ride alternative because you get a lot of response with this one. It is not actually transferring the weight and softness deeper into the sole so the feet are riding on top of the foam instead. It is great for faster pace or tempo runs while the shape itself gives a bouncy effect that makes your stride even more supported.

New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi Experience

Lastly, on the overall riding with New Balance 1080 and Hoka Bondi, we do think they are very much different from each other. Honestly we are unsure whether Bondi is softer than Clifton or not but it is definitely softer than 1080 V10. Riding with these shoes is like running on top of a soft foam that can absorb lots of your strikes while 1080 is bouncing back the energy. It is firmer so we have plenty of control which makes it great or everyday or your tempo runs.

New Balance 1080 Vs Hoka Bondi

These are great shoes for anyone who is trying to get into healthy habits. They are very different from each other with 1080 being the former options in comparison while the Bondi is soft and pillowy in experience. The upper is also different with Bondi’s warmer material so it is probably best when you are running with them during winter yet on the other hand the 1080 is also suitable in almost any season including summer and winter. The 1080 has a bouncier ride compared to the soft Bondi, making it better for response and fast paced running.

- Rubber sole
- Fresh Foam midsole.
- Hypoknit upper
- Data-driven design
- Fabric lining that allows air to pass through for undisturbed use
- Cushioned footbed for cushioning.
- Durable full-length ethyl vinyl acetate rubber midsole for shock absorption and stability
- Durable outsole with rubber padding for grip


Depending on which seems to match your preference, we should shop accordingly. If you are the type who prefers to ride softly and running slowly, the Bondi is a great option but if you are running faster and need shoes that offer greater response, then we recommend the 1080 shoes.

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