New Balance 1080 vs Beacon

New Balance is one of the most popular brands of running shoes so you can find lots of amazing options from their collection such as the New Balance 1080 Vs Beacon. These running shoes are great for everyday runners as they are versatile and will feel comfortable across users but, there are not many special features as well between the two. For those currently confused about which to choose, we are going to compare these shoes and let you decide which seems to be the more promising option. 

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a Running Shoes
  • What are New Balance 1080 and Beacon
  • How are the Design of New Balance 1080 and Beacon
  • How are the Upper of New Balance 1080 and Beacon
  • How are the Sole of New Balance 1080 and Beacon
  • How are the Running with New Balance 1080 and Beacon
  • New Balance 1080 Vs Beacon

Running Shoes

Running is a great exercise because we can burn so many calories and be active as well as tons of other benefits such as relieving stress and improving the strength of your legs and cores. They are also amazing for toning your body, especially legs and what’s more important, almost everyone with healthy physiques can run or walk fast as long as there is enough space we can find. We can run on the road or treadmill, and even on the more challenging terrain.

What we have to wear during the exercise is running shoes or shoes designed specifically for running. It is not a must for everyone but most people will feel more comfortable to run with shoes compared to while wearing other footwear. We can run barefoot as well if this feels better for you but, in general, the option is not ideal for most people. Running barefoot is great if you are used to it but do consider the terrain since we may get hurt by any small objects on the road. 

When it comes to running shoes, the choice is abundantly available out there which supports the wide range of choice but at the other hand also confusing for we don’t get which to bring home as all of them almost look like the same shoes; except for those made specifically for a certain type of runner such as those who love barefoot running or as the opposite love cushioning shoes. Overall the majority of running shoes are the same with similar design and similar construction.

However, if you can’t try the shoes at the store, it is great to start from finding the correct sizing first because we don’t have the same foot size and not everyone has the same foot width as well. Measuring the feet to get the best fitting is necessary because too big and it will feel loose or give you lack of control while being too tight is just plain uncomfortable as the shoes will create pressure points and hurt your feet. 

Shoe technology and most of the experience comes from the sole itself because as we run, the feet strike the ground so whatever material, construction, and design of the sole will play a huge role in deciding the running experience. Usually running shoes can be firm, soft, or in the middle while the sole can also be thin or thicker too. The type of material is key for how we strike the ground and what feedback is given after. In general softer shoes are meant for laid back or recovery while firmer or bouncy shoes are meant for speed.

New Balance 1080Beacon
Product Dimensions12.7 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches12.76 x 7.24 x 4.96 inches
Shipping Weight2.1 Pounds2 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About New Balance 1080 and Beacon

It is normal to have different choices because what’s most important is our own preference and if you are here, then we assume that you are currently looking for versatile shoes that can be worn on the daily. These running shoes must be comfortable enough for your type of running but while most shoes look the same, the type of experience can vary a lot so it is best to at least have some information regarding who the shoes are designed for.  

If you have very little time or just want to be more convenient, we can shop based on the running type, budget, or brand itself. Most running shoes brands have more than a pair of shoes so you can always find the ideal options from their collection. New Balance is one of the most popular as well in the market with their range of favorite running shoes. They are often the go-to and safe bets when you need to quickly find good, versatile shoes for running or for training and hitting the gym.

Some of their favorite shoes are New Balance 1080 and Beacon which should be no stranger as well in the market. The shoes have been around for quite some time, especially the 1080 with now the shoes entering its 11th iteration while the Beacon is still in its 3rd version. For this comparison however, we are going to talk about their older variants instead since the upgrade is not huge and we may be able to save some by getting the last year shoes.

While branded as running shoes, these two models are not exactly like each other and they are designed for different people as well. Preference matters the most when it comes to running shoes and due to the difference in technology or material, New Balance 1080 and Beacon are not giving an identical riding experience. Overall the runners who like a firmer base will like Beacon while if you prefer bounce then 1080 is the one to go.

New Balance 1080 and Beacon Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, these shows are already different from the design alone. It may not be very apparent from the sample picture but the 1080 is more angled or a bit higher on the front part while the Beacon is flatter. This will affect how the shoes feel once you tighten the sole and run with them. But, for the overall material, especially the heel area, we do think the two look alike a lot since the material used is probably the same as well.

In comparison the shoe shape is very wide from the midfoot to the front casing. It seems the toe case is wider as well so if you have wider feet, these shoes look very comfortable. Side by side the 1080 is more robust and also thicker on the upper material while weight wise the Beacon is very light despite 1080 is not heavy at all. Read also: New Balance Beacon V2 Vs V3.

New Balance 1080 and Beacon Upper

Now for the most important part, let’s see what New Balance 1080 and Beacon can offer starting from the upper first. The two have the same first impression especially when you look at the heel which is very eye-catching. It is pointy with lots of details or patterns that instantly capture people’s attention. In terms of comfort, it works well in keeping our feet locked in the shoes, no slipping issues, or harsh material that causes scratching as well; both are very comfy. 

As for the material, they are using knit mesh but the 1080 has dual density mesh which makes it more robust but also more traditional in comparison to the thinner mesh knit on Beacon yet the two gives a somehow sock-like fit. This also makes the Beacon lighter in comparison but the inside of the shoes feels almost the same with ample room for your toes to move but also tight enough once the shoelace is secured.

New Balance 1080 and Beacon Sole

Next for the sole area, both New Balance 1080 and Beacon are using Fresh Foam but the 1080 is using the Fresh Foam X. We are not sure what’s so different between the two since they feel kind of similar as well but, in comparison they are not flimsy or cushiony if you prefer a softer foam. The two are rather firm and this is what makes them ideal for a wider range of users because too firm and too soft limit the comfort as well as the shoes application.

In comparison however, the Fresh Foam X is still bouncier and this is probably due to the shoe design itself which looks like a rocker shape at the bottom and this curve helps the material to deliver some feedback once you hit the ground. This way the 1080 somehow has a more flexible feeling while the Beacon is still responsive but more springy than bouncy.

New Balance 1080 and Beacon Experience 

Lastly is on the riding experience with New Balance 1080 and Beacon. These shoes are similar yet different on the experience but the upper is very comfortable and almost like sock fit. The difference is your 1080 shoes is bouncy while the Beacon is springy. The former also has a thicker sole so it feels better when you hit the ground in order to prevent the feet from feeling the surface. On the other hand Beacon is very light, it is great for speed and gives good feedback as well.

New Balance 1080 vs Beacon

Both of them are good running shoes depending on which seems to fit in your running application the most. In comparison, the 1080 has a rocker design and the thicker sole which makes the ride bouncy. Its upper is also thicker in comparison to Beacon but the latter is lighter and the sole is also thinner with a springy feeling when you are running with them.

- Cushioned Running Shoes for Every Runner: Part of the Fresh Foam X collection, these shoes use our latest advancements in data to design to deliver precise plushness exactly where you need it
- Support and Durability: This shoe features a Hypoknit upper designed to provide strategic areas of stretch and support, in addition to a blown rubber outsole for impressive durability
- Perfect Fit: These comfortable running shoes include a bootie upper construction and an Ultra Heel design, both of which hug the back of the foot for a snug, supportive fit
- Breathable and Lightweight Running Shoes: The supportive engineered knit upper includes synthetic and mesh materials for amazing breathability during runs of any distance
- Synthetic
- Synthetic
- Synthetic/mesh upper
- 6 mm drop; due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 6 mm drop are approximate


There is no bad option between the two so it is best to decide based on your running preference. Personally we like thicker shoes as they tend to be more comfortable and this is why we also recommend the New Balance 1080, moreover it also has rocker design and rather firm foam to make it suitable for faster pace.

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