Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 Review : A Perfectly Stable and Neutral Shoe

Many different approaches have been invented by many shoe companies around the world. One of them is the Mizuno company. The company has started with the running shoe, and now they inventing the new minimalist running shoe which the company took a significant risk for launching it. However, the result is more than enough to make Mizuno Waver Prophecy 4 become a very dependable shoe on the market. You can see how Waver Prophecy resonated with many runners. It brings a very neutral and stable feeling for its users. You can also see a very touching design in Wave Prophecy with the nice and simplified upper and a very simple colorization. So let’s see if this shoe fit with your style. Keep reading!

The important thing about a shoe is decided by either its look or its features. The features are usually coming from the technologies invented by the inventor to gives as many comfort to its users. Mizuno Wave Prophecy features the exclusively patented wave plate. This wave plate gives the right configuration to allow control, motion, also the shock dispersion. The plates operate pretty much similar to the car’s suspension system. The orientation is to give the user as much cushioning and long-lived stability like in the car. After that, you get to see the midsole foam; the foam can be found near the medial heel. This foam allows more roll in and cushion for the shoe user. Wave Prophecy also features a carbon rubber X10 which is the traditional and very well known one. (See also: Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 vs 4)

There are many things that we can discuss about this shoe. Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 offers so many possibilities in its appearence which is rather plain. The originality from the shoe is described by its look and this shoe is definitely the type of shoe that kept its originality as the running shoe. The meaning of a neutral shoe is about how the shoe can resonate the neutral runner which doens’t like the shoe to be too soft or too hard when used. The customers also demand the shoe which enable them to run with all their might without needing to worry about their foot safety. That’s why this shoe is simple, yet the upper is constructed carefully with many though.

The upper is designed beautifully so that the shoe will be able to bring such fluidity and stability. It is also a very breathable shoe with a very responsive and firm ride. You can also feel the cushion feeling that the shoe give as the shoe has the foam which is used for this aspect. The downside of this shoe is mostly about the price or its outsole material. The price is very high, and it gets even higher after the price increased not long ago. The outsole material itself felt insecure when used on the certain wet surface. Other than that, the shoe is quite heavy, and the plate engineering is not always loved by the runners as the buyers are mostly the runners who desire a neutral type shoe.

- Synthetic sole - Lace-up runner featuring ombre-mesh upper and patterned outsole - Dynamotion Fit design - U4iC midsole with full-length Infinity Wave

In overall, Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 is a very comfortable shoe which resonated many runners, especially neutral runners. It has the ability to control the motion and get the best outcome with its features. Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 is a right choice for you who loves a neutral type shoe. It is not too soft or too hard, and the design is also very simple. The stability of this shoe is pretty fantastic with so many of its features are made for this purpose. So if you are a big fan of this type of shoe, then it is the right choice.

– Imported Materials
– Patented Wave Plate for shock dispersion
– Synthetic sole
– Ombre-mesh upper
– Patterned Outsole
– Carbon Rubber X10
– Midsole foam
– A good choice for neutral runner
– The shoe is comfortable and very moderate
– Good cushioning
– Long lived stability
– Outsole material is not designed for the wet situation
– A very high price for its class

Price of Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4
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