Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 vs 4

What is actually the difference between Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 and Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4? That is apparently the question that you have in your mind right now. The Mizuno Wave Prophecy running shoes are indeed very popular. All of the customers are satisfied by how comfortable these running shoes are. In addition, these running shoes also have excellent performance when taken for running and exercising, and they have superior durability. No wonder that the line gets continuously updated. Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 has come out to replace Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3. Of course, being a newer product, Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 is quite more expensive than Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3. Below, we will see whether Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 is worth the money or if you should stick with Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 instead.

The differences between these two models may not stand out right away. They still come with many similarities. You can’t mistake the hexagonal pattern on the upper of each shoe. Such unique design, combined with the stylish and cool colors, creates a sporty and classy appearance. However, you can see that the outer sole of Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 is entirely black, whereas Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 has a colored outer sole. Well, even though it may not deliver a real effect in performance, it is still a nice decorative touch.

Previously, Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3’s upper is constructed from a synthetic material. The upper is very sturdy and durable, able to withstand heavy-duty use. However, Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 is now coming with a mesh/synthetic upper. The synthetic layers ensure that the shoe still remains sturdy and durable, whereas the ombre mesh provides enhanced comfort and flexibility. Hence, the upper part of Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 becomes more comfortable than Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3, especially after prolonged running sessions.

The two models still fit similarly, as Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 still retains the Dynamotion Fit from Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3. The shoes fit perfectly on the feet.

Both models also feature the Infinity Wave hee-to-toe cushioning, which promotes smooth and comfortable running without painful road impacts. You can run on these shoes for extended hours comfortably, and they hold up very well for demanding uses.

- Dynamotion Fit upper construction with Anatomical Lacing System
- Infinity Wave heel-to-toe cushioning
- SmoothRide Engineering
- Mizuno offers a smooth, dynamic, propulsive ride with their Wave Prophecy 3.
- Synthetic sole
- Lace-up runner featuring ombre-mesh upper and patterned outsole
- Dynamotion Fit design
- U4iC midsole with full-length Infinity Wave

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 is indeed a better shoe. The improved upper allows for even more comfort. But, if you are really tight on the budget, you can choose Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 instead, which offers the same fit and cushioning already.

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