Merrell Moab Edge vs Ventilator

Merrell Moab Edge and Merrell Moab Ventilator are great hiking shoes. They are quite durable and also supportive and incredibly comfortable. Both models here are highly breathable. So, which is the one that you should choose? Read the comparison between Merrell Moab Edge vs Ventilator below for the answer.

We will discuss further about:
– The size and weight of each model
– The durability and water resistance of each model
– Whether these shoes are supportive or not
– Which model that is generally more comfortable
– The traction of Merrell Moab Edge vs Ventilator
– Which model that is more recommended for you

Size and Weight
In a glance, Merrell Moab Edge and Merrell Moab Ventilator indeed look similar. They share many similarities in the design and layout. Both have a mesh lining with a durable outer frame and bellows tongue. However, they are actually quite different from each other. See also: Timberland White Ledge vs Chocorua.

Merrell Moab Edge has a mesh lining with a 3D-printed upper. The outer frame is not as thick as the Ventilator’s. Also, the lugs at the bottom are not as tall. As a result, the overall appearance of Merrell Moab Edge looks smaller and slimmer.

It is indeed lighter than the Ventilator. It has a weight of approximately 1 lb 11 oz. So, this shoe can be a little bit more nimble and agile. Compared to other shoes in the market, Merrell Moab Edge is only slightly heavier than the average running shoes while still being much lighter than the average hiking boots.

Merrell Moab Ventilator is slightly larger and heavier because it comes with a thicker suede leather frame and taller lugs. Some people also say that the fit is slightly wider than that of the Edge. So, this shoe is good for people with slightly wider feet and for walking on a demanding terrain.

This shoe has a weight of approximately 1 lb 15 oz. Just like the sibling, Merrell Moab Ventilator is still much lighter than most hiking boots, so it is a great choice if you want lightweight hiking shoes that allow you to move effortlessly.

Durability and Protection
One of the biggest differences between Merrell Moab Edge vs Ventilator is the durability. Actually, Merrell Moab Edge is quite durable. However, it is still not as durable and protective as Merrell Moab Ventilator.

With a 3D-printed upper, Merrell Moab Edge can stay lightweight. The upper is pretty tough and sturdy. It is strong enough to protect the foot against sand, rocks, and gravels. However, you should not abuse it too much, because the upper may get ripped if pushed too far.

Merrell Moab Edge has a bellows tongue that is effective for keeping debris outside. Unfortunately, it does not have a toe cap. The shoe is not completely waterproof, but the outer frame is pretty water-resistant. Also, the shoe is won’t let water get in when you are stepping on a shallow puddle that is not more than 2 inches deep.

On the other hand, Merrell Moab Ventilator comes with a suede leather upper. It is very sturdy and durable. Compared to the Edge, the upper is tougher. It can shield the foot against various debris, and it does not break apart easily. The suede leather upper is also quite resistant to water, although it is not completely waterproof.

This shoe has a bellows closed-cell foam tongue to prevent debris and moisture from getting in. In addition, the Ventilator is equipped with a protective toe cap that is made from rubber. This feature can protect your toes against bumps and impacts. This feature is especially useful when walking on an uneven terrain with lots of rocks, holes, or tree roots.

Both Merrell Moab Edge vs Ventilator have good support suitable for light hiking. Their profiles are similar. They have a wide and flexible forefoot that improves the balance when you are stepping. They both have a beefy insole that provides plenty of stability and comfort.

The nylon shank located between the midsole and outsole only provides moderate rigidity. This is to ensure that the shoe won’t be too stiff when you need to run or maneuver. Unfortunately, both Merrell Moab Edge and Merrell Moab Ventilator has a fairly low ankle collar, so the support around the area isn’t very good.

These shoes are suitable for short day hikes. If you only need to carry some snacks, a bottle of water, and a camera, these shoes can support you well. Experienced hikers with strong ankles can still use these shoes for overnight trips with medium packs. But, for a hiking trip that goes for several days, you should find hiking boots with more support.

One of the nicest things about Merrell Moab Edge and Merrell Moab Ventilator is that they don’t take long to break-in. They don’t have significant hot spots or pressure points. They both have thick insoles that are very comfy. Their insoles work well in absorbing impacts.

Both shoes are also highly breathable. They both have mesh uppers that allow air to circulate easily. As a result, your feet will never get drenched in sweat. When the shoes are wet, they are able to evacuate the water and dry quickly.

Merrell Moab Edge has excellent traction. It has the TC5+ Vibram outsole, which explains the amazing performance. The shoe grips very well on most roads and trails. It hugs dry rocks and wet rocks tightly. It doesn’t grip as much on mud and light slush, but it isn’t terrible at all. If your favorite hiking trails are mostly rocks, this is already a good choice.

Merrell Moab Ventilator is a bit better in this aspect. It also comes with the TC5+ Vibram outsole. However, the lugs are taller. It performs very well on dry rocks and wet rocks. The slightly taller lugs can provide some more traction on mud and loose sediment so that you can have more solid footing.

Merrell Moab Edge vs Ventilator

- Mesh upper
- Imported
- Vibram sole
- Lace-up hiking shoe featuring breathable mesh upper with bellows tongue and rear pull loop
- Breathable mesh lining
- EVA contoured footbed with odor control, Vibran tc5 plus outsole
- Leather/Mesh
- Imported
- Vibram sole
- Hiking shoe with water-resistant leather and mesh upper featuring rubber toe bumper and heel counter
- Compression-molded EVA foot frame
- Air Cushion midsole and Vibram Multi-Sport TC5+ rubber outsole

In general, Merrell Moab Ventilator is more recommended. This shoe can provide better protection and traction. It has a more durable suede leather upper and a rubber toe cap to protect the foot. The outsole design is better with thicker lugs. It has good support and excellent comfort, and is suitable for light hiking.

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