Keen Targhee II vs Merrell Moab

Confused in choosing between Keen Targhee II and Merrel Moab? You have come to the right place. Below, you can read about the comparisons between Keen Targhee II and Merrel Moab, both of which are introduced to the market as hiking shoes. For hiking shoes, grip and traction are incredibly important factors that should be considered. Without sufficient grip and traction on your shoes, you are going to put yourself into risky and dangerous situations. Unfortunately, only one of these two models has sufficient grip and traction for safe usage.

In terms of design, both Keen Targhee II and Merrel Moab are good-looking shoes. Keen Targhee II looks nice and stylish, available in multiple color choices including Gargoyle/Midnight Navy, Cascade Brown/Brown Sugar, and Raven/Tawny Olive. The shoe looks sturdy and rugged. The upper is made from leather, completely enveloping the foot, featuring an easy on-heel pull to slip the shoe on and off. Merrel Moab also looks nice, but it somewhat looks more casual. This is apparently because of the mesh upper and open leather/synthetic overlays. Even though it does not appear as sturdy, you can be certain that the actual durability and support are better than the look. The upper of Merrel Moab protects the foot very well; the compression-molded EVA foot frame ensures that the Merrel Moab shoe can survive a blast, at the same time giving you the flexibility that you need.

One advantage of Keen Targhee II over Merrel Moab is that the upper can protect the interior from mud and splashes. The upper is waterproof. The interior is well-padded, and the lining is very soft and comfortable. The shoe certainly feels very comfortable to wear for extended hours. On the other hand, Merrel Moab is also very comfortable, thanks to the padding and especially the great breathability. It is also soft and cushy, as it comes with the Air Cushion midsole. But the upper does not block water and moisture very well.

Now, let’s go straight to the point – the sole of Keen Targhee II is awful and dangerous. Other shoes from the manufacturer come with Vibram soles, but this one is equipped with a custom-made rubber sole. The sole does not grip well on wet surfaces, and may cause you to slip. Merrell Moab has much better grip and traction, thanks to the Vibram outsole. It bites well to wet surfaces, ensuring safety.

- Rubber sole
- Breathable leather lining.This style is running a 1/2 size small. We suggest ordering a 1/2 size larger than your usual size
- Contoured heel lock
- Vibram sole
- Hiking shoe with water-resistant leather and mesh upper featuring rubber toe bumper and heel counter
- Compression-molded EVA foot frame

We recommend you to choose Merrel Moab. The Vibram outsole gives much better grip and traction, both of which are ultimately important for a hiking shoe. It is also very comfortable.

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