Hurricane ISO 2 vs Adrenaline 16

Saucony and Brooks continue their competition with Hurricane ISO 2 and Adrenaline 16. As you may have known, both Saucony and Brooks have released various models of running shoes, including stability and motion control running shoes. Both Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 and Brooks Adrenaline 16 are considered more of stability shoes rather than motion control shoes – the latter have more support than the former. However, as stability shoes, Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 and Brooks Adrenaline 16 are great for moderate overpronators. So, how do these two models compare to each other? Find out below.

These models’ uppers differ considerably to each other. Brooks Adrenaline 16 has a lighter upper with mostly no-sew overlays wrapping the midfoot and strapping the toe box. As the effect, the shoe feels relatively light and flexible, but the toe box secures the foot in place and feels rather tight.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 has broad ISOFIT overlays that wrap around the midfoot and extend to the back to wrap the heel. The solid, sturdy overlays ensure lots of support around the foot. Meanwhile, the forefoot area appears pretty open, but the light no-sew overlays running over the big and little toes make Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 just as tight as Brooks Adrenaline 16. Overall, Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 gives the most support and the tightest fit out of the two.

Both models here do offer heel-to-toe cushioning, but with different levels and characters. Brooks Adrenaline 16 has a cushy midsole with a firmer part on the heel area. It has a crash pad that runs through the entire outer length of the midsole, ensuring a smooth and pleasant ride. There is a good amount of ground contact on the lateral side. Brooks Adrenaline 16 may have stronger and more gradual pronation control than Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 due to the higher medial post and the multi-density foam on the medial side.

On the other hand, Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 may feel cushier than Brooks Adrenaline 16, especially on the heel area. So, it may be more comfortable to heel-strikers. But it does not have a midfoot shank, so the pronation control is not as strong.

Brooks Adrenaline 16 has more segmentation and separation on the outsole than Saucony Hurricane ISO 2, hence giving better shock absorption and dissipation. In addition, the Brooks is also more flexible than the Saucony. Both have rubber outsoles for reliable traction.

- Synthetic sole
- Running shoe with ISOFIT upper featuring inner sleeve and floating support cage
- Rubber sole
- Made in USA or Imported

If you considerably overpronate, Brooks Adrenaline 16 is more suitable. The pronation control is better. However, if you don’t overpronate much, Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 is definitely worth the money, as it is very soft and cushy with lots of stability and support.

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