Hoka One One vs Saucony

Hoka One One and Saucony are some running shoes models that can be attractive choices if you are looking for a pair of affordable shoes with decent quality and performance. Both Hoka One One and Saucony shoes are very popular on the market. Hoka One One has been greatly praised for the superior cushioning, as well as excellent comfort and performance. On the other hand, however, Saucony has been chosen by many because of the affordability, style, and nice overall comfort. So, which one is better, Hoka One One or Saucony? Below, we will get to know better about these two running shoes models. So, continue reading!

If you put Hoka One One and Saucony side by side, you can immediately tell that Hoka One One has quite a thick sole. Seriously, the rubber sole is probably thicker than any other running shoe that you have ever encountered before. Of course, Hoka One One is famous for the cushioning; the sole consists of multiple layers that aim to support the foot and to eliminate all road impacts. There is a small part of the rubber sole that extends to the front to become a toe guard. Meanwhile, the upper is made from a synthetic material and mesh. The breathable fabric lining ensures that the shoe stays comfortable in all conditions, and the lightweight seamless SpeedFrame construction virtually eliminates the risk of forefoot irritation. (See also: Hoka One One vs Newton)

On the other hand, Saucony generally has a rubber sole that is not as thick as Hoka One One’s. However, it has the ISOFIT overlays that wrap around the midfoot very well for a better, snugger, and more secure fit. It also features the Support Frame at the back to cup and to keep the wearer’s heel in place. The upper is made from a synthetic material and is pretty breathable.

Hoka One One and Saucony indeed have different characters. Hoka One One’s superb cushioning really makes a difference, in a sense that it provides exceptional support to the foot. If you are quite a heel striker, your feet will love Hoka One One, as it eases them a lot. It is also very lightweight, allowing you to accelerate quickly. Compared to Saucony, Hoka One One is a bit looser between the forefoot and midfoot area. It is highly comfortable and breathable. On the other hand, Saucony has a snugger fit. If you prefer shoes that hug tightly to your feet, then Saucony shoes are great for you.

- Shaft measures approximately 2.5" from arch
- Wider fitting forefoot promotes enhanced comfort
- Lightweight, breathable mesh with thin synthetic overlays
- Classic runner with mesh underlay and puffed logo overlay at sides
- Breathable mesh upper with reflective hits for visibility
- XT-600 Carbon Rubber outsole

Hoka One One is the perfect solution for people looking for more cushioning and comfort. The superior cushioning ensures that your feet will not get sore from the road impacts. However, if you prefer a snugger, tighter fit for running, then Saucony is the way to go.

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