Hoka Clifton 5 vs Nike Pegasus 35

As always, finding a gem from a huge pile of rocks is not that easy. It goes the same with shoes shopping. To ensure that your wallet and your feel happy,, you need to find the one that fits properly from heel to toe. The one that feels comfortable and dependable for a running routine.

It’s not always the same, but some online retailers give their customers a risk-free trial period. During the period, you can try lacing up your shoes and running on a test run, basically the same principle as the shoe store. But of course, not having preferences is like missing a compass, you’ll walk on completely clueless.

Before actually jumping to the recommended shoes, we need to show you the things you need to avoid, the mistakes that usually happen. These are collected from store managers around the country.

The first mistake is buying only for the looks. Yes, some shoes do look fashionable. Some even buy running shoes for the style, to be a show-off during a hangout activity. That’s okay for sure, it’s all your money. But you need to remember that you’re buying shoes to wear it. Nothing can surpass the feel and fit. When you’re buying shoes only for style and completely abandon the two aspects, it’ll feel really hurt and uncomfortable.

Buying shoes that are too small or close-fitting is some kind of a habit for many women. This habit happens again and again, and usually ends up in injury. Pick the size that’s at least a half and inch bigger, you don’t want to get sloppy shoes.

The time when you’re shopping is important. Aside from the discounts, the time is significantly important because during the end of the day (around 5 pm), you may feel that your shoes are bigger. Do they grow in size suddenly or is it hallucination? It’s not both of them. The reason behind this is your feet start swelling from the morning, and won’t stop until around 4 pm, it’s that specific. With that said, always buy your desired shoes in the evening to avoid miscalculation.

Now after you understand them all, let’s talk about the shoes. We have two recommendations here, the Hoka Clifton 5 and Nike Pegasus 35. A really tough battle, but we’ll see which one is the winner.

Hoka Clifton 5

The first shoe we’re gonna talk about is the Hoka Clifton 5. If you’ve been a fan, you know that it’s a rapidly growing brand that’s putting so many changes since the start. Clifton 5 is a nice update to previous years version, Clifton 4. You can find slight modifications here and there, but the image of Hoka is still there. Read also: Adidas Ultra Boost vs Reebok Floatride.

Still carrying the same weight as the previous shoes, Clifton 5 feels really light. It is considered to be lightweight running shoes, which surely is loved by many people. It’s not a “walking on clouds” feel, but it is still somehow nice and comfortable.

Midsole part uses EVA foam, full-length, all wrapped in rockered geometry. As you might know, EVA foam serves to be soft and responsive, so using it for midsole is rather important. The rockered shape mentioned before offers the ability to put forward momentum, despite where the foot strikes.

 Hoka Clifton 5Nike Pegasus 35
Product Dimensions12.2 x 8.4 x 4.8 inches13.5 x 9.2 x 4.7 inches
Shipping Weight11.6 Ounces1.65 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Outsole is still using the expected EVa foam that’s also added with high-abrasion rubber in the strategic spots. Well, the previous Clifton shoes also used EVA foam, so what’s the difference? From the Hoka official website, you can gain the information that the EVA foam that was used for Clifton 5 is slightly modified in terms of the softness. Rubber on the outside provides stronger grip and further prevents slip.

Overall rid of Clifton 5 is generally the same for most users. It’s really smooth, soft, but also responsive. A complete package of a running shoe. It has a good amount of bounce in it, but also can provide an enjoyable experience.

Of course, you can also find some redesign, like on the upper for example. Now it has some additions, including the eyelets, modified overlays, and new mesh formation for more breathability.

Compared to last year’s Clifton, this one is surely a neat upgrade. It’s said to be softer than the previous models, but many users only found a slight to none difference.

This one is a gift for Clifton 4 fans. If you happened to love Clifton 4 before, then you may find Clifton 5 as a truly enjoyable experience. Otherwise, it still has very similar characters as Clifton 4, so if you didn’t like it, Clifton 5 is not the one for you.

Nike Pegasus 35

Seeing much positivity Nike 34 has received, Nike came up with another wonderful idea. By showing some aspects that were taken from its siblings like Nike Zoom Air Elite 9, Nike Pegasus showed the market great premises.

It took great value from the Elite like smooth foot motion and speed feature, which is already awesome. It wants to be quick, but it also wants you to be comfortable at the same time.

For its price ($120), Pegasus 35 is certainly a nice addition. With its character, Pegasus 35 is certainly able to carry out different tastes and types of runners.

Overall design is eye-catching, with its aesthetically pleasing streamlined. Sole unit is the main upgrade, which Nike took by breaking 2 projects and applied it into one.

However, you can still find similarities with Pegasus 34 like for the upper. There’s a slight modification that’s related to eyelet. The bottom eyelet part is moved in order to fully expand the toe box. Previous problem was found, which is rubbing on the midfoot. It has been solved now in this Pegasus 35.

Breathable is one important aspect, and Pegasus 35 wants to make sure that it excels that part. You can find the breathability aspect wonderful by looking at the upper which now made comforting and easy to clean off too. The elongated heel collar is also another update from the previous model.

Hoka Clifton 5 vs Nike Pegasus 35

- True to its award-winning heritage, the Clifton 5 is light, cushy, and very, very fast.
- Central to its design is the famed HOKA ONE ONE midsole geometry and a trusted foam package to ensure consistent cushioning through the life of the shoe.
- Combined with the forgiving and adaptive forefoot, we’re talking a smooth, smooth ride.
- Go in comfort and speed.
- Nike "Zoom Air Pegasus 35" Running shoe has been re-imagined with fast design language and a quick, smooth transition.
- A full-length Zoom Air unit and beveled heel work together for optimal responsiveness
- while engineered mesh and Flywire cables lock you down for speed.
- Fit and feel is great.


As we mentioned earlier, this is a really tough battle. The names are legendary, and both products clearly show great promises. With all said above, we’d like to think that Hoka Clifton 5 can be the better one. The reason is, it’s lightweight, feels really smooth, and it has amazing breathability through its new update. No wonder that this product has received a lot of positive reviews  and balance from critics and user reviews.

Nike Pegasus 5 is not really bad. It’s great really since it both feels and looks fantastic. It’s lightweight, the design is simple but memorable, and the size that can fit many sizes. Only, we’ve found major complaints from users, exclaiming that they feel a bit of compression around the midsole, and cushion foam that can’t resist heat. Resulting in a big difference between critics and user reviews. But once again, if you want to avoid any of this controversy, please do try wearing the shoes yourself in order to achieve personal feel.

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