Gel Cumulus 16 vs 17

Asics’ Gel Cumulus running shoes have quickly gained lots of popularity. People love these shoes because they offer decent quality, comfort, and performance without having to empty your wallet. However, the company is continuously updating the model. As the effect, there are now many different Asics Gel Cumulus models. We can’t help but wonder if the newer version is really better than the older one. In the following article, we are going to compare two recent Asics Gel Cumulus models, which are Gel Cumulus 16 and Gel Cumulus 17. Which one would be the best running shoes for you?

We can already tell that Gel Cumulus 16 and Gel Cumulus17 have a significant difference from the looks alone. Gel Cumulus 16 has much more stitched-on overlays that wrap the midfoot on the medial and lateral sides. These overlays are beneficial that they create a good lockdown around the midfoot area and a nice amount of support. However, these stitched overlays have been replaced with no-sew overlays on Gel Cumulus 17. Even though no-sew overlays are not exactly as supportive as the traditional stitched-on overlays, Gel Cumulus 17 has enough overlays to create the proper fitting. The advantage of no-sew overlays over the stitched overlays is lighter, more comfortable fit that reduces the chance of irritation.

We can also see that the mesh of Gel Cumulus 17 is slightly more open and more breathable than Gel Cumulus16. Both models are well-padded for a snug and secure fitting. However, Gel Cumulus 17 is now available in more color choices than Gel Cumulus16. While Gel Cumulus 16 is only available in white, blue, black, and black/yellow, Gel Cumulus 17 offers more with indigo blue, electric blue, orange, and flash yellow variants.

Basically, the materials used in the soles of both models are similar. They both provide full heel-to-toe cushioning in the midsoles. However, the structure and geometry of Gel Cumulus 17 has been changed and improved to make it cushier. The gel cushioning in Gel Cumulus 17 is more like an extra soft layer, rather than the pods of gel in Gel Cumulus 16. The midfoot shank of Gel Cumulus 17 is broader for a better connection between the rearfoot and forefoot, and the rubber sole has been improved for better flexibility.

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Gel Cumulus 17 is indeed generally better than Gel Cumulus 16 because it is more lightweight, more breathable, and somewhat more stable. So, we recommend you to choose Gel Cumulus 17.

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