Garmont T8 vs Nike SFB

Choosing the right pair of footwear is a critical part of a soldier’s duty life. Different feet and different tasks require different boots. At the end of the day, the right pair of boots can literally carry you to finish the extra mile. Two of the most popular military boots on the market right now are Garmont T8 and Nike SFB. On one hand, Garmont T8 is known for the superior ventilation and quick-drying performance. On the other hand, Nike SFB offers enhanced comfort and traction. Which one is better for you? Continue reading below for the comparisons between Garmont T8 vs Nike SFB!

Comfort and Breathability
Garmont T8’s great fame is not only because of the prowess in combat, but also the superior comfort. Although the full grain leather upper can indeed become hot, there are some mesh parts that allow a degree of breathability so that the inside will not become way too hot. The upper structure is solid and sturdy.

But the best thing about Garmont T8 is the quick-drying performance. There is no need to worry about getting it wet in rain and puddles because it can dry pretty quickly. So, it is suitable for both dry and wet climates.

Meanwhile, Nike SFB comes with an upper made of leather and synthetic. The upper is more lightweight and also more flexible. As a result, it may feel more comfortable. It also dries very quickly, so it is also suitable for use in dry and wet climates.

Grip and Traction
Garmont T8 is available in three versions: Bifida, NFS, and Extreme (see our previous post about Garmont T8 NFS vs Bifida). The Bifida version is the most versatile, as it comes with a thick outsole with thick lugs for enhanced grip and traction on various terrains. The NFS version has a thinner soft rubber sole that is more lightweight. The Extreme version has the 250-gram thinsulate for usage in cold weather.

The Vibram sole of Garmont T8 provides decent traction on the road. There are multiple tread elements of different sizes for enhanced grip on various surfaces. The thick, aggressive lugs enable the boot to perform well even on slippery roads and mud.

The sole of Nike SFB is thinner. However, the tread design is very aggressive. There are horizontal teeth under the heel and front-end to provide enhanced grip on slippery surfaces. The tread elements on the center are textured to create additional biting edges.

What you need to consider when choosing between Garmont T8 vs Nike SFB is the durability. Garmont T8 is highly rugged and durable. Although it is more suited for garrison than field duty, the durability is fine. It can last for a long time.

On the other hand, Nike SFB is not as durable. It is good enough for light uses and garrison. However, it can’t be pushed far, as the upper does not hold very well. The tread surface is also quicker to wear off.

- Canvas
- Vibram sole
- Available in both MEDIUM (D) and WIDE (2E) widths
- Suede leather upper with nylon mesh for breathability
- Excellent ventilation and quick-dry materials
- Leather-and-synthetic
- Model Number: 688974200
- Made In: Vietnam
- Brand New With Original Box

Between these two boots, we recommend you to choose Garmont T8. It is more durable, able to last for a long time. It is comfortable and reliable in all climates. Nike SFB is also very comfortable, but not very durable.

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