Garmont T8 NFS vs Bifida

Italians are known for their high-quality heritage craftsmanship. Exquisite arts, fine dining, exotic cars, and designer clothing are some of the most renowned things. Garmont is one Italian brand that has been making quality footwear since as early as 1990, and has been producing a wide variety of products from trail runners to climbing shoes to military boots. Garmont T8 is a series of tactical military boots, and two of the most popular models in the line are Garmont T8 NFS and Garmont T8 Bifida. So, what is the difference between Garmont T8 NFS vs Bifida?

Similar Uppers
Of course, Garmont T8 NFS and Garmont T8 Bifida look very similar to each other. Both uppers are made from thick, durable nylon mesh, polyester webbing, and 1.6 mm-thick suede leather. All parts of every boot are double stitched for extra reinforcement. Both models have a high 8-inch ankle that is flexible, breathable, yet very stout. Both of these boots are very durable, able to endure the abuse of field use.

On the interior side of the arch, you can find metal ventilation holes to provide enhanced air circulation and breathability – very useful for hot and humid environments. Both boots are further reinforced by zero optical refraction hardware combined with roller bearings and hookless rigging for enhanced support and strong lacing.

Both Garmont T8 NFS and Garmont T8 Bifida also use the same midsole. They each have an injected molded footbed which works with the heel retention strapping to allow stable and natural stride. The insoles are 2 mm-thick, and thus are highly cushy and comfortable. The insoles are able to contour the foot shape very nicely.

Different Outsoles
The difference between Garmont T8 NFS vs Bifida is the outsole. Garmont T8 NFS is designed to be lightweight and fast – the term “NFS” actually stands for “Need For Speed”. While the outsole is made with all-terrain performance in mind, it has also been minimized and optimized for speed. The lugs are noticeably smaller and cleat-like. Meanwhile, the outer perimeter is given long and lean lugs that are spaced apart from each other. The lugs are dotted with micro treads for additional grip and traction.

On the other hand, Garmont T8 Bifida is equipped with the Vibram outsole which has highly rugged and durable lugs. The lugs are large and chunky, and the outsole wraps slightly upward to give extra protection to the toes and heel. The lugs are very thick and spongy, allowing enhanced grip and traction on various terrains. The lug pattern is rather abstract, with circles and rectilinear patterns. The lugs do not have any additional texture on the wear surface. Compared to the NFS, the Bifida is quite noticeably heavier.

- Suede
- Coyote color
- Available in Medium (D) width
- Suede leather upper with nylon mesh for breathability. Texon and canvas reinforcements for durability
- Excellent ventilation and quick-dry materials. Viable for wet climates
- Canvas
- Vibram sole
- Available in both MEDIUM (D) and WIDE (2E) widths.
- Suede leather upper with nylon mesh for breathability. Texon and canvas reinforcements for durability
- Zero optical refraction hook, eyelet, and ball bearing hardware

In general, Garmont T8 NFS is great if you don’t need enhanced durability. This model is better due to being more lightweight. You can choose this model for garrison or walking around the city. Garmont T8 Bifida is the way to go for field use; it has thicker, more durable lugs and outsole for better durability and protection.

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