FS Lite Run 2 Review: Thin, Lightweight Sole with Extra Arch Support

For a lightweight running shoe, Nike FS Lite Run 2 is pretty great. It is superbly lightweight and responsive, allowing fast and effortless acceleration. The thin sole allows the shoe to cut down unnecessary pounds, while providing excellent ground contact for stability. It has excellent breathability to keep your foot cool and fresh, and it gives extra support on the arch area, making it suitable for people with high arches. Unfortunately, the cushioning is not thick enough for heavy runners and people with joint pain.

For sure, Nike FS Lite Run 2 is a good-looking shoe. It definitely looks stylish and elegant. You can be proud wearing a pair of it when running with your friends. Nike FS Lite Run 2 is available in several color variants, such as black, white, pink, and red. The red anthracite model looks cool; the red color is dark and bold, as if speaking about some serious power and performance. (Read also: Nike FS Lite Run 2 vs 3)

The upper of the shoe is made from a combination of a synthetic material and mesh. The sides of the upper are perforated, allowing decent venting and air circulation for breathability. The mesh part on the front area is soft and also breathable. The shoe effectively keeps the interior cool and fresh. However, it is not waterproof, so be careful not to run into water if you don’t want your shocks and feet to get ridiculously wet. The upper is pretty flexible to allow quick and swift maneuvers, but still providing decent support and structure integrity.

If you have been used to cushioned running shoes, you will be pleasantly surprised by how lightweight Nike FS Lite Run 2 is. It is so lightweight and responsive that you can accelerate more quickly effortlessly. However, the lightweight feature is achievable by using a thinner midsole. This is not necessarily bad if you are not too heavy and you have no joint pain problem. If you do, you may need shoes with thicker cushioning to ease up the road impacts. The thin sole enables you to have better road feel and ground contact. It gives you enhanced stability and footing.

The best feature of Nike FS Lite Run 2 is the extra support on the arch area. This is especially beneficial to the people with high arches. People with high arches often experience pain after running continuously for some time. By adding some support to the arch, the pain can be prevented or at least reduced significantly.

- Shaft measures approximately 2.75" from arch - Plush tongue and collar for added comfort - Molded foam insole supplies light underfoot cushioning

The outsole of Nike FS Lite Run 2 is made from rubber. The tread design features rectangular elements with varying sizes; of course, the sizes have been calculated to provide solid footing. Such design significantly reduces the number of rocks that can get stuck under the shoe to near zero. The outsole has excellent grip and traction, reliable on dry as well as wet roads.

Specifications of FS Lite Run 2
Materials: Synthetic / mesh upper, rubber sole
Seamless upper with no distraction, designed to move with your foot
Seamless fit with perforation pores for breathability and venting
Low profile, responsive midsole
Supportive cushioning on the arch area
Ergonomic sculpting makes the outsole flexible and lightweight
Natural motion design with rubber compound under the heel, lateral forefoot, and toe area for solid grip, traction, and durability

Pros of FS Lite Run 2
– Excellent cushioning under the arch area of the foot, great for people with high arches
– Very lightweight and responsive
– Great traction ensuring solid footing and slip resistance
– Ergonomic sculpting with decent flexibility

Cons of FS Lite Run 2
May not provide enough cushioning for heavy runners and people with joint pain

Price of FS Lite Run 2
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